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The Rainy Day Garden in the Twilight of Autumn

The past two weeks have been full of moisture, but the long, dry season left it's mark and produced a vibrantly colored late autumn.

I strolled around the garden this morning and was happy to find many points of interest. Here's a look at the Rainy Day Garden in the twilight of autumn.

Garnet-red foliage, still cling to the branches of the 'Red-Osier Dogwood' a native to the Pacific Northwest. Usually the leaves have fallen by the time the calendar changes to December, but this year, they are hanging around a touch longer.

Nearby, acer palmatum 'Twombly's Red Sentinal' dropped all of it's leaves during the mini-storm we had two days ago. The bright red leaves have piled up and are spilling over the branches to create a gore-y scene.

A few of the blood red leaves found there way to the nearby miscanthus 'Golden Light'.

In a less dramatic scene, the front yard from a distance looks ready for winter's sleep. Holiday decorations are readying as…

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