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June 2018 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It's June 15th and summer is just around the corner! The kids are done with the school year and the slower summer pace is at our doorstep. It is welcome.

Late spring blooms have been sporadic in my 8b zone garden. I always feel like this time of year is quiet in my garden. However, some of my favorite blooms of the year are showing their pretty colors. Let's take a look:

The aquilegia really take center stage from mid-May to early June. Most of my plants have been gifted to me, so I am always reminded of some of my favorite blogging friends when these plants bloom.

Here is another yellow aquilegia. Hmm, I like yellow? I need more colors! And the aphids this year. Good has been a year of aphids. Nasty things. Where are the lady bugs this year?? I don't seem to have enough around to eat up those little pests.

I don't use pesticides, so it's the good and the bad. This is the first year of the past six where aphids have been problematic, hence, the bad. I might n…

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