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Winter Blooms in the Rainy Day Garden

One of the earliest plants to provide a bloom in winter is Witch Hazel 'Arnold's Promise'. It's been a slow growing, vase shaped, small tree but I get overjoyed when those delicate, bright yellow, blossoms shine with color late January.

Below, manzanita 'Austin Griffiths' is still a baby yet. It's been in the ground two years now and grown over three feet high. I can't wait until it reaches greater heights. It's going to help feed the Anna hummingbirds that winter over. This small tree will begin blooming in early January here in the greater Portland metro area.

Why I don't have a few more sarcococca or 'Sweet Box', I really don't know? It is amazing. It's glossy green leaves hold year round. The scent those tiny white blooms provide, is powerful. Admittedly, I do not spend enough time outside during our cold and sometimes soggy, winter days, but when I do and I catch a whiff of this plant, I'm in heaven - completely transpor…

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