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August 2018 - Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

August...oh hot, smokey....August. Go away. I'm done with you.

Before the smoke from all of the west coast fires descended upon the Portland metro area, I snapped a few pictures of the garden. Good thing too, or else all of the pictures would be quite hazy.

I've been watering daily, dividing my gardens into sections and attacking one or two sections each evening with the hose. I've been doing this since May. It's old and I'll need to develop a better plan if these hot summers persist. As it stands. The Portland metro area will break it's record for most 90+ degree days in a summer. Our record is 29 days set in 2015. We are likely to break the record in the next week. We are on day 28 today.

Above, rudbeckia, helenium and crocosmia are still blooming in the back yard. Staples of the hot, summer garden. My trusty bird bath has been quite the draw this summer. I've gotten a kick out of watching birds bathe and play in the water. I fill it every night to make s…

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