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Celebrating 10 Years of Garden Blogging - A Look Back

This past October, I passed the milestone of blogging for 10 years. Good grief, the longest I've been employed at any one place has been my current gig.. of nearly six years.

10 YEARS of Blogging!! Now that's a Commitment!

What started as a way to journal my thoughts, trials and tribulations became a portal that connected me to fellow gardeners near and far. Truly, that was unexpected surprise.

Below, the first garden I blogged about. Our little old house, overlooking the Columbia river, in a small, rural town. I was a gardener who only grew traditional perennials and bulbs. My first blog post was October 2008.

I was also a young mother with two babies and all the demands that babies and a young marriage can bring. My kids were 3 and 1 years old when I first began to blog.

Here are the humans I've grown during my blogging journey...
My first attempt at vegetable gardening in our tiny patch of a back yard happened around 2010. I wanted to feed my kids organically grown food …

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