Oh Happy Spring

My tulips are blooming and I couldn't be more delighted! I have been enjoying salmon pinks and bright oranges.

Along the side of the house, I have a little shade garden and the forget-me-nots are fully in true blue color.

The peony's are beginning to bud and I find myself just sitting back and enjoying the spring color. I have carefully planned my flower beds to be 3 and in some cases, 4 season beds. Currently while the tulips are blooming and the shrubs are sprouting new bright green and red color, the lillies are rising higher and I am expecting my next crop of color to begin in May, for late spring color.

The planning I did in the fall while I mapping out my bulb beds is paying off now.

If you haven't begun your hanging baskets, start planning/purchasing now....Mother's day is around the corner and making Mom a hanging basket for her to enjoy all summer is a thoughtful, original and inexpensive way to say 'Thank you Mom'.

Happy Gardening!


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