A look back at February Blooms

After a busy week working the day job..I've finally got a free moment to post a few of my early spring bloom pics from around the cottage.

Bumble Bee's in the Primroses
Happy Nursery Loot!
Honey Bee's in the snow crocus

Purple snow crocusFebruary brought our little corner of the Pacific Northwest lots of sunshine and mild weather. I was thrilled to see many honey bee's buzzing around the Heather and snow crocuses. Last year we didn't have that many.
February was a lovely month. ~ Jenni


  1. What pretty primroses! I haven't seen colors like that before. So glad you found my blog, because now I've found yours. I'll definitely be back :)

  2. Gorgeous Jenni :)

    Thanks for your sweet words. :)

    Here is a link to Brecks Daffs I have had the best luck with them and they have that money back guarantee although I haven't had to use it, unless they do it for squirrels :)


    Have a great Weekend, T.

    Happy Gardening :)

  3. Wow - amazing. Here in NH, we'll be lucky to see those in July!


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