Flock of Sparrows?

I captured a few of the 'flock' of sparrows that currently abide in my Japanese Quince and 45+ yr old Lilacs that boarder the back of my yard. I've tried to count this flock and get lost after 20 or so birds. I have identified so far:
Golden Crowned Sparrows
White Crowned Sparrows
American Tree Sparrows
Song Sparrows

Including in the mix this winter:
Black capped Chickadee's
Chestnut backed Chickadee's
2 Rufus Male Hummingbirds that wintered over with us.

I hope to remember to bring my camera to work. I have a lovely court yard that hosts a nice variety of birds too.

Cheers ~ Jenni


  1. I love them, they are so adorable, there really is something very special about these little birds. :) Sounds like you have a wonderful place to work too :) T.

  2. When I hear the tweeting of the birdies, I know Spring comes soon! I have heard my first Blackbird at the pond, and also have heard (but not yet seen) a hummingbird zooming around!

  3. we have a lot of sparrows here in Alberta. They come in "clouds" to feed on the berries on the trees and hedges in the winter time. They are adorable...they live in the bird houses in my back yard here and they are even used to my kids!

  4. can't wait for the weather to warm up and the hummingbirds to come back!


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