Fertilizer Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Friday Gardening Friends!

Hope everyone has had a good week. We've had sunshine here and it's been much appreciated. Many of my summer perennials have finally begun to bloom, here's a peek at what is blooming this week in the little cottage garden.

Lace Cap Hydrangea

I love the delicate beauty of this plant. I look forward to it's blooms all year.

Here are a few more of my reblooming daylilies

Pretty two toned Peach

Little Burgundy

Shasta Daisy, newly planted this year, my first bloom

Tiny daisy's, this self seeding plant is quite prolific

Black Eye'd Susan, planted last fall, my first bloom

Double purple clematis ~ a little late but with the cold spring..I'm just glad it bloomed!

and Blue Salvia

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Cheers ~ Jenni


  1. I love the hydrangea. Our clemantis did not survive the weather. When we move to our next house (which has to be somewhere more habitable than Mordor), I am going to plant purple double clemantis. Yours is incredibly lovely!

  2. You have some very pretty flowers blooming in your yard. I love the Hydrangea! Did I spell that right? I have tried on several times to grow them with no luck. And your lilies - lovely. They are one of my top favorites of all plants. Thanks for sharing.

  3. All so gorgeous ... the Blue Salvia is simply stunning and you have some pretty daylilies.

  4. I love your hydrangea, and your blue salvia is wonderful!

    Your lilies are pretty and so is your clematis.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  5. Everything looks very happy and healthy-enjoy!

  6. You have posted some beauties today.

  7. I love the hydrangea. I have two hardy ones that are getting bloom buds on them...I am soooo excited! Your flaunt this week was very nice indeed...thanks for linking in!

  8. Such beautiful flowers you have in your garden. I love those tiny daisies; they are so lovely.

  9. Everything is so pretty! It does seem like the plants have responded to finally getting sun. My garden started out ahead this year and is now behind. But like you, I'm just glad things are blooming.

  10. Very pretty! I have some of the same plants, winter sown this past year, that are still small and not blooming yet. I'm hoping next year they will be as pretty as yours. Especially that salvia, what a bright blue it is!

    Is that tiny daisy feverfew?

  11. your flowers look great!i have a lace cap hydrangea too. i just live it.

  12. I'm always amazed at the timing of flowers around the world. Our clemaitis and blue salvia are long gone. Working with a lot of daisies this time of year. Your flowers are beautiful

  13. Hi Jenni. Such pretty blooms they are too. Love your lacecap hydrangea. I have just got to get one. The salvia is so pretty too.The peach lily is so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Jenni your Lacecap looks bright blue like mine. I was going to change it to pink but decided against it because we get so many compliments on it.
    Love your beautiful Daylilies and that Clematis is to die for! How gorgeous.
    Isn't Soapwort great? Bob really cuts it back to keep it under control. We've named the garden it's in our "Monster" garden because it will take over the whole thing if we let it. But it's so pretty and the smell is wonderful!


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