The Flowers of Cannon Beach, Oregon

The family treated me to a trip to one of my favorite Oregon coastal towns, Cannon Beach, for my birthday a few weeks back. We enjoyed the tide pools around Haystack rock and found hermit crabs much to my son's delight.
I meandered around town and snapped pictures of all the delightful flower gardens found in any open space.I have always loved how both the city and shop keepers well tend their flower gardens. It lends a soft and cheerful atmosphere to the beach town.

Pretty window boxes
Curbside gardens
Climbing displays
Courtyard gardens
Playful nasturtiums
I thoroughly enjoyed my special day with the family, Cannon Beach is a lovely destination spot on the North Oregon Coast.
Cheers, Jenni


  1. Happy late Birthday! I love Cannon Beach and the gardens are so pretty there. I love all the Nasturtiums. Glad you all had a fun time.

  2. What a lovely place to celebrate your birthday! The nasturtiums are increible!

  3. We are lucky to live in the PNW where annuals can thrive in July and August. Thanks for sharing your little mini vacation with us :-) What a great birthday treat.

  4. Is it better late than never? How'd I miss this? LOL Glad ya had a good time at Cannon Beach - I love it there and it's been a long time - I'm due!!!
    Sounds like ya had a good time and 'Happy late Birthday' to you!
    There's another Daylily farm here I found out and it's better than the other one so when ya come up ya might want to check it out. I did a post on it and put in her web address. Ya might want to look as there's a catalog and she's appointment only.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I was looking for some familiar landmarks, and I saw Sandpiper Square! :) Such a lovely place...thanks for the link!


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