Will My Dahlia's Ever Bloom??

Talk about some major thunder/rain showers this weekend! It's been humid and soggy..OY! I'm having flash backs of a trip to Atlanta a few years back ;)

So..the big question is..will the dahlia's get a chance to bloom??

I lost two this past winter...I know, I should take better care, dig them up in the fall, etc..I blame the slugs. However, three have come up and let's check on their progress. All of my dahlia's are from Swan Island, located in Canby, Oregon...my little hometown :)

1) Cherry Drop
Ohhh, it might just get there..! This is normally a late bloomer..but this late? sigh.

2) Blackberry Ice
every so slowly.....and frankly..it looks kinda crummy.

3) Lindy
I will admit, this is one hardy dahlia! It's been blooming since mid-August....it normally starts in early July. It has survived despite my lack of attention to it. My kind of plant ;)

How are your dahlia's doing this season?

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Oh my! Cherry drop and Lindy are beautiful! You're right, the pinkish one is rather disappointing. I think I've posted some of my seed-grown Dahlias on my Fertilizer Friday posts. I still have quite a few that are nowhere near blooming yet. I'm hoping they survive the winter in the ground. I am too lazy to dig them up.

  2. We have been having the downpours haven't we? And I've been out trying to plant all those flowers I bought in the mucky mud. What an experience that is trying to take steps with a foot of mud on your shoes. LOL
    I think your Dahlias look great. At least they opened up. I have 3 buds on one Dahlia and that's it. Guess if it continues to rain I won't get to even see what color it is. And I dug mine up, still nothing came up. We lose them up here if we don't. Now I'm wondering what's the point? I can leave them in the ground and lose them without all the work of digging them up and storing them.

  3. Yours did a lot better than mine. I love Lindy. I dug mine up as well last winter (the first time I've done it) and still nothing came up. The tubers even had new growth on them when I planted them. Guess I'll blame it on the weather like everything else :)
    We've had tons of rain here too, soggy and humid - yuck!

  4. Hi Ginny. Oh, that Cherry Drop dahlia is so bright and lovely. The Lindy has the pretty mix of pastels though. Gorgeous!
    Some years my dahlias do got and others not so much.Do not know why either.

  5. Hi Jenni,

    I have been thinking about growing Dahlias, but have never grown any before. I do love all three of yours, but I think Lindy is my favorite....I just love the colors :-)

  6. Hi Jenni, Dahlias? What dahlias? I have five plants. One [a miniature] bloomed early. Another on time. One just started and two are leaves only. I'm not sure if, in my case, the weather can be to blame. I think it's just bad gardening on my part.

    You live in Canby? I live in Albany. We'll have to meet sometime...maybe halfway like in Salem. I just met Annie of Wow, That's a Busy Garden and did a post on her fabulous garden. She also lives in Albany. I met Loree of Danger Garden last summer. She's also and Oregonian. Fun!

    Your dahlias are lovely.


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