A Touch of Snow

Happy Thanksgiving my Gardening Friends!

We had a touch of snow and icy here along the lower Columbia River this past week. It made a pretty scene.

Here is the view out my front door:

The bright red nandina is wonderfully contrasted against the snow.

I love blooming heather in winter.

And a little shot of my decorative concrete garden leaf. A wonderful woman in my community makes them by hand from rhubarb leaf molds and sells them at our little Rainier Marina Market.
And, I think my Black Eye'd Susan's are done.

Here's hoping you are warm and cozy on this fine Thanksgiving Day! Cheers ~ Jenni


  1. I bet your kids were happy to see some snow! We are getting more this morning. I love seeing the blue sky in the background of the snow.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The snow looks so fun! I hope you have a great thanksgiving :)

  3. Hi Jenni~~ The snow was a delight wasn't it? I wasn't happy about the cold temps though. Thankfully we're back to our typical stuff again. I've enjoyed the sun the past few days.


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