Late Late Late

Spring is late this year. Again.  The husband unit and I have had conversations about this strong La Nina weather pattern hanging on and wondering how much last years volcanic eruptions in Iceland are playing into keeping the temps cool for us this year. Sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere creates cooler temps and coupled with a significant La Nina oceanic pattern, it's downright chilly around here! 

My tulips are just beginning to show buds.  They are quite green and generally are in bloom by this time of year.

Late Tulips
 The strawberry beds are quiet and growing at a snails pace.

Strawberry Terrace

  But the asiatic lilies are popping out and appear to be on there's hope for some color in the future :)

Asiatic Lily

Last year, we broke ground on our first vegetable garden and due to weather (and not enough soil amending on my part) had great results with snow peas but little else.

backyard garden plot
 This year we are going to build raised beds in the same spot. Due to the beds not being in place yet, I will abandon plans to start with early spring veggies.  I would like to learn to grow a veggie garden year round, but it's one step at a time around here.

I really appreciate all of the garden bloggers that do have a 3 or 4 season vegetable garden.  I am learning so much from you!  And those of you not living in the rainy, gray, dreary, Pacific Northwest ~ keep showing your pretty spring's giving this rainy day gardener some cheer :)


  1. Amen to that. We can use all the spring color we can get! Good luck with your raised beds. The area looks great. Glad to see your lilies are impervious to this weather. My oriental lilies are starting to come up too. It seems too early but I suppose it's just that it FEELS early thanks to the rain and gray. :)

  2. Jenni, our spring is late too. You make an interesting observation when you mention the volcanic dust, etc.

    I haven't seen hyde nor hair of my tulips yet, but I saw some new growth on the sedums and a bit of a lily leaf starting to come up.

    I'll be intereted to see what you do with your veggie garden!

  3. At least you are ahead of me. Tulips, heck my crocus just came up. The turkeys took care of them, so I guess I will be waiting for daffodils. I can't wait to see how your veggie garden grows, as I am like you in just starting. Can't go wrong with peas. Good luck and I hope you have warm sunny days ahead.

  4. The raised beds will be really handy. I usually stick with easy to grow veg like courgette, leeks, spring onion etc. Looking forward to seeing what you grow.

  5. I just hope we aren't stuck in this weather pattern forever. I keep trying to readjust my mood about the weather.
    I'd also love to learn more about 3 and 4 season veggie gardening. So far we've got lettuce and sugar snap peas just sprouting. My lilies seem to be growing really fast right now too, passing things that normally have bloomed by now.
    We'll keep hoping that warmer weather is on it's way.

  6. Hi Jenni! I have a bad feeling about this summer. I hope I am wrong! My lilies are also very nice, but tulips and others are very slow.
    So, you are going to see the north rim of the Grand Canyon? I am jealous! We tried to get there last April while traveling in Utah and Nevada, but the road there was was closed (too early!)! I'll wait for your pictures!

  7. How interesting that you're having a late Spring (and how annoying for your gardening). We are just the opposite - Spring is indecently early. My tulips are in full bloom and they shouldn't be. On the one hand it's nice, and on the other everything is going over so fast. Seems like we could spare you a bit of our warm weather.

  8. Looking great Jenni. I like your big strawberry patch. I have 1 container LOL but I hear the deer will have them all gone so I don't bother. I have enough trouble keeping them away from my flowers. My Asiatic Lilies are peeking through and same with tulips but I'm about 2 weeks behind everyone down below as a rule. I'm sick, sick, sick of the rain now. But the snow twice this week is really blowing me a way. Hail and snow today. When is the nice weather coming? hehehe

  9. Hi Jenni, I won't complain about the weather, okay? Grace and I do that enough as it is! lol

    Raised beds! YEAH. My DH just built me another one yesterday, and they are the best. I'm looking forward to the next step in your progress.

  10. Hey Jenni, I will be very excited to see your raised beds, I will live vicariously through yours, as I don't think it will happen anytime soon here :(

    I am not looking forward to the next few days of rain but I'm stuck inside anyway :( I was bummed I missed the past few days to take photos, oh well, can't have everything.

    I LOVE the patchwork art piece your little one made, how sweet, I really miss those little people times.

    My daffs are out but no tulips yet. Lots of grape hyacinths though.

    Have a lovely Wednesday, cheers, T. :)

  11. This is seriously really late, don't ya think??? I'm just longing for some sunshine and afternoons digging in the garden. Oh well, keepin' my chin up...


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