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Over the weekend a flock of over 20 goldfinches stopped by our neighborhood. I caught one of our little friends on camera.
Such a cheerful little guy
I think he rather enjoyed posing for the camera
Their songs were so cheerful, it was a welcome break from the gray skies.


  1. Oh how colourful and nice shots. Everytime I try to take a photo of a bird it decides to fly off and I have a blur :)

    Actually one of them turned out as a great abstract :)

    Have a great Thursday, T. :)

  2. Oh, I love these little birds! Such beautiful coloring. Cheerful, indeed.

  3. lovely to see the bright yellow of these guys. nature is wonderful.

  4. Beautiful shots! You must be quick with the camera. By the time I get the little buggers focused they are gone.

  5. Looks like they've popped in just to brighten your shades of grey photo!

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  6. Those are the most beautiful coloured goldfinches I've seen. They look young. I always have trouble trying to get photos of birds. Kelli

  7. Our goldfinches look entirely different to yours. If you go to this page of my blog

    The goldfinch in the bird with the red face - sixth set of photos down the page.


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