On the Cusp of Fall? And End of Summer Blooms

The daytime highs have been in the 80's and the weatherman is suggesting we may hit 90 for the first time this year.  All of P-town is doing a happy dance but I'm wondering if it isn't fall I smell in the crisp evening air at night?

Goosebumps in the early morning, dense dew over the garden and that crisp, zingy, electric zap in the air.  All signs of fall to me.

I have captured some of my late summer blooms.  The flower gardens are so late this year, it's amazing to think that some of my dahlia's might not get to bloom at all.

Stargazer Lily

A pretty purple dahlia just blooming!

And I might have purchased a few Rudbeckias the other weekend.  It's not too late :)

It's so pretty!
So, in my opinion, fall is lingering at the door step and I don't mind.  It's been a tough summer, I'm ready to say good bye to it for a multitude of reasons.

In vegetable news....I got my first zucchini.  I'm friggen thrilled.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Hi Jenni, we haven't reached anywhere near 90F the whole summer and very unlikely. I got that 'Fall/Autumn' feeling this morning. It just feels like Fall is coming (I'm not ready!). Your lily is fab, Kelli

  2. I'm glad you've managed to harvest a zucchini - but don't share you sentiments about the approach of the end of summer. We are still waiting for it to happen!

  3. Oh, that Stargazer lily is just so beautiful. How many do you have? I just have the one bulb and think I should have a few more in little grouping.

    I love the later summer flowers. We are starting to feel the 'fall air' at night now, but it's a great time for gardening still.

  4. Hi Diane,
    I have three bulbs together so they look like a bit of a grouping..but they aren't really in the best arrangement. I'm unsure of whether or not to move them because it took two years to get a bloom from them after I planted them initially.

    Hi Sue & Kelli, I'm not ready for summer to be done garden wise, I'd like to see my tomatoes ripen! But, for personal reason's, summer has been quite difficult on my little family due to my husband health problems. I'm only ready for fall if it would mean we'd moved past some of the difficulties we are currently facing.

  5. My Stargazers have just started opening too, and like you, I have lots of Dahlias that might not get to open at all. We'll see, at least the leaves will feed the tuber/bulb, and then next year they will be bigger and healthier. It is definitely fall-like in the mornings now.

  6. Hi Jenni, I wish you and your family the best, and that you will be able to look forward to fall's arrival.
    Saying goodbye to summer before it begins here will be tough, even if fall is my favorite season. Congrats on the zucch; tomatoes getting ripe are just around the corner, for sure!

  7. I can feel fall in the air too. This side of fall is the nicer side of it, though, so I definitely don't mind :)

  8. I love the lilies! How did you know when to pick the zucchini? I've got one, but don't know if he is ready or not. I'm glad you got a summer bling. We had about 2 weeks. Now it is leaning towards fall. Thanks for the photos.

  9. That's interesting, because mine is not in the best of places either. I wasn't really sure how tall it would get. I will leave it where it is, though, (because it took a while to start blooming as well) and just add a couple more bulbs.

    Thanks for the information! Have a great day.

  10. BBBB ~ don't let your zucchini get too big. They will be more 'woody' in texture/taste. I pick mine when they are larger than a big cucumber but not gigantic. I grate and freeze most of mine to be used in recipes through out the year. If I want to eat them fresh, I would choose to pick them at the size of a large cucumber.
    MMM, Zucchini!!

  11. That Stargazer lily is fantastic! I bet it had a good perfume too. But I have to say I'm even more interested in the veggies. You should have shown us a picture of your first Courgette. You are right about planting chillis in pots for mobility reasons. You can bring them indoors at the end of Summer to prolong their lives.

  12. Hi Mark, It's true, I'm due another veggie post! Will be working on that next week :)

  13. Pretty blooms. I'm not ready for fall yet. I would like three more months of summer. Please.

  14. Fall is definitely in the air up here in Seattle!

  15. I love the stargazer, always a stunner and how yummy can a flower bed!

    Yeah it's been a very short feeling summer, may we wish for a long fall season?!

  16. Hi Jenni - It's starting to feel like fall here too. I almost couldn't handle the high 80's this past weekend. I love fall, but wish summer would last longer since it just barely started. The kids are ready to get back to school though.
    Love the Stargazers! Their scent sure carries, especially in the evenings.


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