An Argument Against Coupons

Our family has been spending a lot of time figuring out how we can save money this summer as my husband's illness has kept him out of work and I've taken a leave from my job to care for him at home.

Many friends and family members have suggested that I clip coupons and/or learn to become an extreme coupon-er to save our family a lot of money at the grocery check out line.  So, I joined the sites and spent time perusing the coupons offered by national brands.  Here is what I've concluded.

I don't want what they are selling.

I see savings for a lot of processed junk.  I don't want processed food.  I don't want chemicals, high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified ingredients in the food I bring home to my family.  What I want is savings on the basics, staples for the pantry so that I can affordable feed my family well by making the food we eat.

Now, coupon clipping queens, don't get your panties in a bunch, there is no judgement here from me about what you purchase or put on your table; I'm simply stating that most of the coupons available do not satisfy my families needs.

I will say this though, please think about why national brand food manufactures are offering coupons.  What makes this a profitable venture for them? Do you really need six cases of toothpaste to save $2.00? What is in that toothpaste anyway? Do those coupons make you go to the store more often than you would have otherwise? At the end of the month, when you add up all your receipts..did you really save? 

I'm finding that if I just stick with the basics, utilize the bulk food bins and work on being more plan-ful and organized with meals, that I'm saving a lot of money that way.  Without Clipping Coupons.

And we're eating better. With whole ingredients.

It's a start to being frugal and feeling good about what I'm putting on the table for our family.  I have a lot to learn and improve upon regarding the management of my household.  It's a new challenge and set of skills I'm determined to learn.

So, thank you but no thank you to the national brands coupons.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Stores send leaflets out with banks of coupons and I can never find anything I want to buy either. We do stock up on things that are being offered as 2 for the price of 1 when they are on offer but only on things we normally buy like jars of coffee.

  2. Good for you!! Everything you say is absolutely true. Making from scratch takes no longer and you always know exactly what goes into the meal you feed your family.

  3. right on Jen....I sure hope your sister-in-law reads this!..makes no sense to me to have to remodel your garage to store groceries that will take you months to use and some will expire before you even get to them!

  4. Way to go Jenni ~ I've been cooking from scratch our whole 42 years together. For quite a few years now we've been members of Sam's Club and save a lot of $ that way. Bulk flour, rice, fish, chicken, etc. Plus we've found an Oriental grocery that sells things cheaper than in the regular grocery, same with a Hispanic grocer. And we shop the local veggie market too. We don't eat as much meat as we used to either.

    Coupons don't do a thing for me. We do buy, buy one get one free if it's something we use.

    Enjoy living your life the way you choose to take care of your family as best you can. The food you prepare is certainly much better for all of you.

    Love and hugs and hope your DH is doing much better now that he is home.


  5. My thoughts exactly. And I thought I was alone.

  6. @FlowerLady ~ I really admire folks like yourself who have been living simply and well for years. I have a lot to learn or unlearn. Thanks too for all the kind comments you've left on my blog regarding my Hubby :)
    @my dear MIL, my SIL gets great deals I know and it makes her happy to shop, so I'm happy for her. To each their own. Luv you both!

  7. I don't use them either. I find they just make me want to buy something I didn't really need anyway. I just look for sales and shop at Costco for certain things.
    Have you ever seen a show called Extreme Couponing? I really wonder who needs that much of many of the things they buy. One lady bought 60 things of candy for her kids because she had a coupon for it.

  8. I'm totally with you Jenni! I clip the very few coupons we will actually use, not what they're trying to sell us. Most coupon brochures go unclipped into the recycle bin.
    Sending good thoughts your way.

  9. Isn't that the truth! If it is something I use by the time I need some the dang coupon is expired. I don't know how people can afford all those pre-made meals are a joke too. I just wish I could grow tons of big tomatoes like my mom did. She used them for sauces, salsa, chili, everything. I'm afraid our weather just doesn't encourage tomatoes and my greenhouse isn't that big. Good luck with the cost cutting. It is hard. I sure hope your husband is mending. The other joke is Wal-mart. Yes you save, but you also buy a bunch of junk you didn't need. No way!

  10. I tried coupons years ago, and found that what you say is exactly right. I have started cooking very frugally. Three things I do: 1) only cook as much as we will eat (amazing how much this saves and how much I was throwing out before!) 2) try to cook as much from the farmers market or my own garden as possible. The farmers market has become my grocery store. No more processed foods. Amazing how much I save from this change. and 3) try to cut down on meat. I did this for my husband's cholesterol, but I don't really miss it as much as I thought I would. I hope some of this helps. Everyone eats differently, but this has helped me and so I thought I'd throw it out there.

  11. Thanks HollyG! Great tips. Exactly what I'm striving for, using my garden and farmers markets, cooking from scratch and cutting back on meat. I'm finding that I'm saving a lot of money this way as well :)


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