September Give-Away Winner!

Oops, I really meant to post this last night but I totally spaced it after coaching soccer practice ~ Sorry!!

So, the winner of the give away is: Diane @ My Cottage Garden. Diane, I'll be contacting you for mailing information and sending out your new Maple Leaf Earrings.

Thanks for playing everyone, that was fun. I'll do it again next month.  Maybe you can give me some suggestions of what you think would make a good give-away prize item? :)

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Yay! Thank you very much, Jenni. They are very beautiful!


  2. Lucky Diane! Your jewelery is all really pretty.

  3. Thank you Catherine! I'm hoping to do a give away every month..cause it's fun!!

  4. Jenni, thank you again, so very much for these beautiful earrings. They came yesterday and they are so gorgeous.

    You are very talented!



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