Bye Bye Veggie Garden

Frost is scheduled to hit in a few days and I'm happy to report I've done the bulk of my fall garden clean up.

Fall Garden 
It looks so peaceful there, all quiet now, waiting for spring.  My strawberries which take up the bottom of the picture are quiet vibrant.  I've been watering them to keep them producing a lot of shoots that I will carefully cut off next spring and plant at the new house.  The ever-bearing variety that I have used the past five years can be prolific producers,especially when fresh compost is added in the spring.

Most of my herbs are still growing. Oregano, Rosemary, 2 varieties of Thyme, Tarragon and Sage.

Pineapple Sage ready to bloom
In the past, during hard freezes, I loose all of my herbs except the thyme.  Can't seem to kill that one.  I intend to cover them this year with hopes they will be spared.  There is nothing more wonderful than making my Rosemary Roasted Candied Nuts during the holidays using my own rosemary.

Earlier this week, I planted my garlic that I ordered from Territorial Seed Company.  I had hoped to try Oregon Blue Garlic, but there was a crop failure this year and I switched out for Inchelium Red, also a softneck variety. 

Inchelium Red Garlic
My tiny little burning bush is showing some pretty fall color.

I will transplant this bush and many other plants to the new house next spring.  I hope to take as much as I possibly can with me.

How are you doing with your fall gardening clean up? Do you have any plans for a winter garden?

Cheers, Jenni


  1. I had a garlic failure too Jenni - will you plant these in pots or tubs to take with you.
    I have had pineapple sage and loved the flowers but have always lost them in winter. I should have taken cuttings as I have with another salvia - why don't you have a try (it may be a bit late but it may work). In my post here

  2. Hi Jenni! Your garden looks so clean! I just dug up my last potatoes. Still have romane lettuce and one white cabbage. All other cabages were eaten by a little cute bunny. I protected the last one with a cage. I hope my parsley and oregano will survive the winter. Rosemary is hardy here. I hope your herbs will be OK. How are you going to protect them? And what about that first frost? Already! Oregon is warm yet! We are visiting Eugene this weekend.
    The sage is beautiful!

  3. Sue..I will take some cuttings, good idea. The scent of pineapple sage is heavenly! I put the garlic in the beds as I should still have access to them later next year. Juggling two gardens is going to be a challenge though.
    Tatyana, mild and wet still, we'll see if the weather man is right as they are predicting frost Monday night. My fancy way of protecting the herbs will be to throw a tarp over them. haha.

  4. It looks like you're well prepared for the coming winter. Of course in my part of the world, we don't have to make such preparations. It's very interesting learning how gardening is different around the world, as well as learning the similarities.

  5. I do love how the garden looks in early fall. All crisp and clean and decluttered. Just planted garlic here a week ago so I'm hoping we have better luck!

  6. Ha, ha, ha... I'm laughing at your question. Fall cleanup? Um...well... Not so much. But your raised beds look wonderful. How nice that you don't have to deal with garden choring once the weather gets really unfriendly. Good luck with your garlic. It looks wonderful.


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