Plant Cuttings and the Raintree Catalog Arrived!

Bummer, I was really hoping for frost this morning.  But, no dice.

It is chilly outside. Night-time temps dipped down to 38F, but fog banked along the Columbia River and that kept us without frost this morning.  I was hoping to grab pretty frosty pics to share.

Late last week, to prepare for whenever frost will hit, I took cuttings of many plants around the garden on the advice of fellow blogger Sue @ Green Lane Allotments.  I looked around her blog and thought..hey, I could do that and what a frugal idea.  Of course, we'll see how things turn out come spring.

The past three years, I've lost my rosemary over the winter as we've had these freak cold snaps.  I am located halfway between Portland and Astoria on the Columbia River and most often if feels like the maritime climate here which is more akin to the coast.  This has not held true in the winter though.  Directly behind our little town the mountains of the coast range sit.  Literally, you take a road 100 ft from my house and immediately start heading up and are at 1000 ft in a mile.   Those mountains seem to trap the cold air and block us from the sun during the winter months.

Next year, I'm hoping to grow more geraniums and lavender at the new house.  I would like to learn how to keep bee's and lavender honey sounds divine. I took cuttings of both in hopes of saving $$ and taking more of my goodies with me when I move.

I'm also dreaming of a green house...but that is another matter.

At any rate, if I can manage to keep a few of these cuttings going after the winter, I will be pretty impressed with myself.   I'm tired of spending money on herbs and annuals.  I really want to be much more savvy with my dollar and use it on seeds and keep plants going in the winter. (hence the green house dream).

All these pots have been brought indoors by a nice window.  It will be my experiment.

In other news, my first catalog from Raintree Nursery arrived yesterday. I feel like a kid in a candy shop.  Fellow PNW bloggers..maybe we need to organize a meet up next spring at Raintree to check it out?

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Good luck with all your cuttings! Frugal is always good. Are you actually looking at new houses yet?

  2. Hey Alison, we actually have the house already. It's a home in my husband's family built by his great grandfather. It's on a long double lot in the historic area of West Linn called Willamette. It's a fixer. I've got my work cut out for me, but I have room to garden like I've always dreamed :)

  3. I hope your cuttings do well. I keep meaning to take some of an Abutilon.
    I don't think I've ever seen a Raintree catalog, maybe I better order one.

  4. Fingers crossed for them ;) good luck little cuttings

    Slowly reading backwards........I'll get there


  5. That's way too organised! I'd love to do it, but it'll just go on a list of jobs and won't be done before the garden ices over!

  6. Best of luck with your wonderful cuttings, Jenni. I know what you mean about buying a new plant every year. Seems silly. Sounds like you're located in a cold pocket for sure. Here's hoping for a MILD winter this year. We're long overdue. But just in case, you've got your cuttings. :)

  7. Oh you are so good, taking cutting. I haven't done that ina few years. I really haven't been up to doing much gardening.

    But I think I might have a few things for you to take cuttings of, a Passion Plant, a Virginia creeper and a beautiful smelling shrub that I bought a cutting at the Chinese Gardens but I forget what it is called right now. I really should look into taking cuttings again.

    Have a great evening, T. :)

  8. Wishing you the best of luck with your cuttings. I'm afraid I have my ups and downs with cuttings, especially getting them through our wet season here. It's usually too overcast and too damp and humid for many to make it.

  9. Ah just described 9 months of the year here in Oregon! lol :)

  10. I've been saying I was going to do this for the last several years, but never get around to it. Maybe this year will be the one. I'm into succulents these days, and they're expensive! Plus I get them just to the point where they are really big and colorful (cool weather brings out the red tones), in time for them to die from a frost, then have to buy all new small ones the following spring. Just not sure how to do cuttings on succulents, or where to put them all winter. I don't have much space near any good windows.

  11. Hey I was just noticed that you had lavender started. What a great idea! I will cut some tomorrow and give it a go. I forgot you could start that from cuttings. I finally bought some of your earrings! I am so excited. I never wear earrings, but I love your style. I can't wait.

  12. Just joined as a follower. I like to start cuttings in a covered aquarium. The higher humidity seems to help. I am zone 7A, so use cold frames to harvest year round. Please visit my site and click on cold frames. I want to check on my gardens versus the hard frost last night. Have lots of stuff still going. George, in Wilmington, Del

  13. Good luck with keeping your plants going inside! I've had seeds sprouting and amaryllis blooming on many of my windowsills in recent years, but I think this year I'm going to be lazy and not worry about any of it. I'll have to check out Raintree - I assume they have a website.


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