Freeze Yer Buns Challenge Update

On November 1, 2011, I officially started the Freeze Your Buns Challenge, hosted by Crunchy Chicken.  (I unofficially started in early October.)  The idea is to lower your usage of energy through the cooler, winter months. The purpose is to reduce your CO2 output and help make an impact on environmental issues like Arctic warming.  Another reason for our family to participate is to reduce the dollars we spend on winter energy usage.

I pledged to keep the house at 65 degrees during the day, down from 70 in the past and 60 degrees at night (down from 65).  Our home was built in 1925, so it's not well insulated and can be drafty at times.

In the past few years, during the work week, no one was home in house as both my husband and I worked outside the home and the kids were in daycare. This year we had a family crisis that led me to quit my day job and stay home.  I was worried that we would end up using more heat with the kids and I home all day and how that could negatively effect our family budget.

Turns out...65 degrees is too cold for me during the day.  I was able to manage it when daytime temps still got into the high 50's, but now that we have moved into chilly 30 - 40 degree daytime highs, I'm downright cold, despite donning on wool socks and sweaters. Part of the problem is that I'm battling thyroid disease and have a problem with cold limbs and significant intolerance to cold due to my body not working properly.

So, I've moved the thermostat up to 68 degrees.  We've had no trouble with a cooler house at night; we could even turn the thermostat down more.

The good news is that we received a check from our local PUD for almost $40.00 as we had developed a credit.  We pay on what is called 'equal pay' with the PUD where they average out our energy use throughout the year and we pay the average amount monthly. (It is based on the previous year's usage.)

So..Thanks Crunchy Chicken, I would have never considered turning the heat down until I read about your challenge.  To receive a credit from the PUD after participating for only two months feels awesome.

I'm excited to keep going forward despite not being able to manage my original pledge.  Getting a little money back makes me feel like we really are making a difference.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Sounds like your doing a good job. Its great when we can turn down the thermostat a bit (I've been trying to conserve). There are times, because of illness or health, that the heat has to go up. Also great you're raising awareness of this as the domino effect can be mighty!

  2. With energy bills soaring I think everyone is trying to reduce usage a little but I do worry about people on low incomes who literally are becoming fuel poor and can't afford to keep warm enough.

  3. Just wait til you hit menopause. Then you'll have no trouble keeping the furnace at 65. LOL Congrats on the credit--a nice early Christmas present for all your efforts. Stay warm!

  4. I wondered how the challenge would go. We have had to really watch our electricity, since rates went up 25%! Don't even get me started on that. Our bills were insane last year. We were really watching it this year, until last night when I somehow left the door to the heated garage open. Damn! No happy with myself. I'm sorry about your health. Silk long johns are awsome!

  5. I'm not sure I could do 65 either, but 68 is about where we keep it. It's felt very cold in here lately with being so cold outside. I'm always wearing a sweat jacket and socks and usually the dog on my lap keeps me extra warm when I'm sitting down. How great that you got a check back!

  6. you I worry too, mostly because it hits close to home for my family. We're doing fine but are trying to control costs as much as possible. Energy prices continue to rise leaving many families in my community unable to keep up. long-johns may be on my Christmas list! :)

  7. Sounds like you're doing a great job to me! Congrats on that check!


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