Skywatch 12.8.11

Mt. St. Helens and the Columbia River at sunrise
It's SkyWatch Friday....well, somewhere in the world, like's Friday.  I've captured the sunrise on this frosty morning (31 degrees F, -0.5 C).  You can tell I live in a rural, older community. Overhead power lines still exist.

Photo's were snapped between 7:15am to 7:25am, Pacific Standard Time in Rainier, Oregon.  Sunrise pics always bring a smile to my face..I hope it does the same for you.

It was chilly, but beautiful. I do love winter sunrises over the mountains as we head towards the Winter Solstice.
Cheers, Jenni


  1. Beautiful photo - we still have overhead power lines - everywhere!

  2. Beautiful sunrise. Never thought about power lines not being above ground as its the norm in Northern Ireland.

  3. Beatiful Jenni, it was an amazing sunrise!

  4. In many US cities and suburbs, all the utility lines are underground. Having grown up in communities with all underground power lines, I'm often baffled by the power lines interrupting a lot of photo opportunities ;) There has been talk of wanting the lines to be underground here in Rainier..but no $$ to undertake such a project.

  5. Nice Sunset. I still like them even though there are power lines in the way! I love the cold frosty morning with beautiful sunrise on the side.

  6. So pretty! Our mornings have been very foggy so no sunrises to see, but we've had some nice sunsets.

  7. Very pretty sky, love that morning sky. We have those lines all around our house so they are in a lot of our photos. Would be nice if they were underground!

  8. Beautiful power-lines! And the sky behind them isn't half bad either... :)
    Years ago I had a month in Ft.Lewis, near Seattle, Washington, which must be not far from where you live. Your mention of Mt.Rainier reminded me of this.


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