Family Snow Day

Last weekend our family headed off to Sunriver, Oregon for a much needed get-away.  We had chosen to keep Christmas very small to be able to afford this long weekend trip.  It was wonderful!

Here are fun photo's of our sledding day.

Brother Bear was the first one down the sledding hill
And the first one to crash.

Baby Sister was not convinced the sled was the safest way down
Then she found some help from dad.
Brother bear finally convinced sister to take a chance with him
They had a great day!
We came back from our adventures just in time to catch the first winter storm of the season hit the Pacific Northwest. It's been all about snow....with no school..all week.  This mom needs another vacation!

Cheers, Jenni


  1. I especially love that last picture, with the snow flying! Glad you had a nice getaway! We just had our first snow overnight...just a couple of inches.

  2. That just makes me happy! I'm glad you had fun! The memories will last your kids forever. Nothing like family fun!

  3. Looks like the family had a lot of fun! When my son was little, sledding was one of our favorite winter activities.

  4. Sun River is so nice. We usually try the hotter months of August/Sept (the rates drop after holiday season). It sure looks fun sledding!

  5. I'm just glad you have the snow and not us. At least you had fun in it!

  6. Cute pictures and sounds like you had fun. I'm with you on needing a vacation after last week :)

  7. It looks like such a fun day! Loved the series of shots!

  8. OMG...that's a good time! So glad you made it out there...there is something so great about REAL SNOW! Looks like you all had a blast :-)

  9. Snow days! Looks like lots of fun!

  10. Great photos of a great family day out Jenni. I love to see families doing things as families, and enjoying being together. Best photo is the crash one - a real "action pose".


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