Seriously Soggy Days & Mom Down & Veggies

The ground is saturated from the past days of heavy rain. It's been mild and blustery. It's the time of year I dislike the most here in the Pacific Northwest.

As I walked around outside, the mud was squishy and making sloppy noises as I walked around. There are bare spots in the grass from the rotten dogs running their laps around the house.

February is usually the month I lose my patience with our gray weather patterns. If I could afford it, this would be the month for me to take a vacation somewhere..dry.

This year, February has kept me quite home bound as I was diagnosed with painful Pancreatitis early in the month and had a procedure to remove the stuck gall stones and then, last week, surgery to remove my gall bladder.

I'm not a good patient in the first place, but the 'mom down' aspect in our household had unanticipated effects with my son becoming very upset and acting out in ways that has caused the family additional stress. Little kids often struggle with a change in routine.

We've been pulling through, but I do wish the past few weeks could have been easier. It's all been a bit much.

In other news, I enjoyed getting caught up on the show Downton Abby, as I had not watched it before. (I admit to having a few marathon sessions on the TV while I was recuperating ;)

Much to my delight today, I found the seeds I had directly sowed in the garden, early in February have sprouted.



And even a few sprigs of spinach have emerged.  Also the garlic is looking great that I started in October. These were all part of the seed order I placed with Territorial Seeds. I'm quite excited to really try to grow all of my own vegetables from seed this year.

Join me later this week for a look at the few blooms that have emerged from soggy ground. I'm keeping my raincoat and muck boots handy as the dripping facet from the clouds continues.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Dear Jenni ~ Do hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Your tiny sprouts are looking good and pretty soon you will have even more.

    Hang in there, spring will be there before long.


  2. Yikes...I do hope you're feeling better now...sounds painful :-( Chin up...winter is almost over, however, and we can look forward to the new gardening year any time now :-)

  3. Three cheers for Downton Abbey! :) I have been entirely wrapped up in it. I'm so sorry that you have been not feeling well. It is difficult enough to be under the weather, plus add to that a change in kids routines and February blues. March is just around the corner!

  4. Hope you're soon feeling better! Those lengthy, dreary spells are enough to try anybody's patience as well. Glad to see your seeds are sprouting! :)

  5. Jenni, sorry to hear about your surgery and illness but I hope you are on the mend now :)

    It is terribly frustrating when "Mom is Down" I found with teenagers they just did their avoidance thing but at least one was able to run to the store if needed but recovering from surgery when we are the caretakers is really challenging, I hope you have lots of helpers :)

    Yep, the weather got to me yesterday, esp. as my daughter came home to leave for a while and she was living in California.

    Escaping sounds good :)

    Seedlings are looking great :)

    Take care, thinking of you, regards, T. :)

  6. Hopefully the worst is over with the surgery and the kids. It is really hard to be out of commission, the kids don't like it. The upside is you got caught up on Downton Abbey!
    Now that I see you have sprouts I think I will try some direct sowing too. I was going to do peas this week, but it has been awful here. Tomorrow might be the day to try.
    Feb and March both can feel long around here, hope this March is better than the one last year.

  7. I do hope you are on the mend. I know it can upset children when someone is ill. I used to run residential trips for the eleven year olds in my class at my school and one night had to travel a fair distance to hospital with a pupil who had fallen and had a suspected broken arm. When I got back it was pandemonium with the staff left behind stressed out with nearly 40 crying children. And they weren't even my children!!

  8. Hope you recuperate fast and can get back to your gardening!

  9. I hope you are feeling well as can be. Mary (my wife) had the same surgery last year and it's never the same with mom laying around the not able to make everything better.
    With such a mild winter, its nice that your direct sowing has been so successful.

    Best wishes!

  10. Sorry to hear you've been unwell and hope you have a quick recovery! Take care, Kelli


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