Sore Sore Sore!

Oh, me old bones! After a splendidly sunny weekend of working in the yard, my muscles are feeling it (and letting me know)!

My mood feels quite improved to have gotten so much natural vitamin D. It's been hard to read about all the warm temps across most of the US and then look out the window into the gray doom outside.

I planted potatoes and pea's. I'm keeping my potatoes in containers as I had success with that method last year and have gone from 2 containers to 5 this year. I am a bit late on sowing the peas, both sweet and sugar snap. What can I say? It's not like anything has been growing anyway. The lettuce, spinach and radishes I sowed in early February have been stuck at baby stage with our cold weather. (how they have even survived is beyond me!)

Then, I got to cleaning out the rose beds. My prior attempts to keep the weeds down have been unsuccessful. So, I took some of my herbs growing in pots and placed them in-between the roses.  If something *must* grown between the roses, then let it be useful!

It's quite a problem area, but the roses have survived there for over 5 years so, I must be doing something right?

Then I moved to digging out the front arbor beds. I planted Shasta Daisy's in them two years ago and they've become taller and more massive than I anticipated, blocking out much of the other shorter, perennials.  I replanted chunks of them to the back of the front beds, behind the Rudbeckia. Now the arbor beds look a bit trimmer. Still, more work to be done in the future to keep things tidy.

I see promising growth on the delphinium. However, it's clear the slugs are out from hibernation.

I found the lupine I purchased last spring to be making a comeback. It is a hybrid so I was not sure if it would last through our cold winter.

It's terribly hard to resist the urge to dash out and purchase more new plants, soil and rush into potentially massive projects when the sun peaks out. Rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week. I should just feel good about the lawn getting mowed and a few flower beds being tidied up.

Plus, with all the inactivity during the winter, my muscles are asking for a day off.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. was a great weekend, wasn't it! I don't even mind if it's rainy all week, as long as it's a little dry during the weekend so I can get things done!

  2. Everything looks great! I hear you on the soreness. I can spend the whole day outside and have zero pain. Then I come in and sit down for an hour and am unable to get up off the couch! Oh well, better than never leaving the couch in the first place right?

  3. Things are looking good! I just love this time of year when last year's perennials wake up! Hope your muscles soon recover!

  4. I woke up this morning in such a good mood and I know it was from being in the garden all weekend. Looks like you got a lot done. Love all that new growth in the arbor bed, it's just as pretty as flowers to me this time of year. Rest up and hopefully we'll see the sun again sometime soon.

  5. Theres always something to do in a gardeners life, no matter what the weather, right!

  6. When we get a couple of warm days here in the PNW we gotta' get out there and get it done, and suffer the old sore bones *chuckle*

  7. Yes those old bones... I totally understand that. But the counterpoint is the good feeling of having so much accomplished in the garden. Love the little water droplets on the Lupine foliage. Now maybe the clouds will part just long enough for me to get the rest of last year's icky stuff cleaned up.

  8. I always ache during early Spring too! It's great to get some sunny weather and your garden is looking good. Come on sunshine! Today its in the 50sF in Northern Ireland and I'm really cold!

  9. We haven't sown any peas yet although the sweet peas are up.
    You'll have two gardens to do won't you 'til you actually move home

  10. Sore, oh my gosh am I sore - yesterday was sunshine and today is rain so I guess I rest.
    You've already planted potatoes and peas! ACK I am trying to get them planted, it's been so cool and rainy it's hard to get the garden going.


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