Winter Sown Seeds Update

In addition to directly sowing seeds in pots on the Winter's solstice, I also followed the advice of fellow garden bloggers and used the 'mini greenhouse' method of winter seed sowing. 

As Catherine from 'A Gardener in Progress' suggested, I used the baking tins w/plastic tops, commonly found at grocery stores.  I sowed four varieties of flowers on 2.15.12 and they have all sprouted. 

Lavender - Lavandula Angustifolia, Munstead Strain
Columbine - Aquilegia - McKana's Giants
Delphinum - Pacific Giants Mixture
Bachelor Buttons - Polka Dot's Mix 

It's been a fun experiment for me to see if I could achieve results, and I have.

All of the seeds have sprouted, in both of the mini-green houses that I've created. I've worried they might be too soggy in their snug little homes, but they seem to be surviving for the moment. Our weather has been quite damp, with heavy rain and even snow. On the rare dry day, I've opened up the mini green houses to help them dry out a bit. 

With our big house move slated for the early summer, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these sprouts as working in the gardens won't occur until all the interior home renovations are done. (boo!) 

I'm sure I'll think of something. If these guys survive, I won't want to waste them :)

Next winter I will sow a lot more seeds. This was a fun, winter project and I highly recommend it. It made me feel more confident about frugally growing things and I will be sure to add many varieties next year as I'll have a big new yard to fill, and I will look to add varieties for hanging baskets and containers too. 

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Hooray for winter sowing! I'm so glad it sounds like this little success will lead to you experimenting even more next year! I have an enormous seed stash, so let me know if there is anything you are especially looking for, I might have it to share with you.

  2. Winter Sowing is great. I tried for the first time also and 7 of the 10 pans worked (dogs and nature ruined a couple) I bought some large planters from Costco and put a couple by the front door. Then I planted the seedlings in there. Lots of annual color! The rest I'm putting in my front wildflower bed. ...just a few ideas. I'm sure you'll put them to good use! Too many plants has never been a bad problem.

  3. You had really great results!! I'm still checking mine. I think all the ones I started on winter solstice have sprouted, but still waiting on delphiniums that I started a little later.
    What about transplanting some to nursery pots and bringing them with you? Especially the perennials would do fine. I had some in nursery pots all summer and didn't plant them until fall and they were fine.

  4. What a great idea to use baking tins with tops! I never would have thought of that! Your seedlings look great.


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