January Sunshine

Oh dear, what is that bright globe in the sky? It's hurting my eyes! Said millions of squinty-eye'd Oregonians over the past few days.  The precious natural vitamin D has been delightful. While I love a good, socked in, thick and misty rain, these winter sun breaks are soothing to the soul.

I've taken my sniff-ly & sorry self on a few neighborhood walks with the kiddos; stretching sore limbs and relishing the feeling of sunshine on my skin.

Yesterday, I got a bit of dirt under my nails and it was quite satisfying  The east wind was breezy, swaying the grasses about and allowing them to show off their fine, winter foliage.

Just a bit of scraping of old leaves and the pulling of baby weeds and the front beds are nice and tidy again. I plan to put down filbert shells for a mulch of sorts over the beds. A nearby supplier was found at the Oregon City Winter Farmers Market. Should provide just the 'rustic' touch to the beds that I am hoping for.

As this flower bed was only just established in early September of 2012, all the plants are quite small and still in 'infant' stage. I do not appear to have lost any plants thus far. I do see the heads of daffodils, paper-whites and crocuses peeking up through the soil, which makes me very happy to think I'll have blooms soon.

In the meantime, my little hydrangea still has a bit of blue, hiding in the back corner of the bed.

Hydrangea Macrophylla 'Bailmer' Endless Summer
I'll admit it, I am itching for garden shows, warmer soil and plants to pamper. These little sunny stretches in our otherwise gray winter weather pattern, gets my green thumb humming, only for it to be stuck back thumbing garden catalogs and magazines till March, as the heavy rains inevitably return.

However, I'm thankful for the stretch of early January sunshine, it does feel like a good omen to kick off the New Year. Cheers, Jenni


  1. I am loving the sun too, and itching for garden shows and to get back out there. I do have some weeds to pull. That awful shotweed/popweed is everywhere. Gotta get em when they're babies. Looking forward to seeing your front bed when it's more mature.

  2. I wonder if the shells will also deter slugs and snails?

    1. Sue, you've read my mind! That's my hope as well. And deter the cats. lol

  3. The bleak winter sunshine does wonder for our souls! I could stay out in my garden for hours as long as the sun is shining on my back. It’s good to feel the days are getting longer too, every week makes a difference now!

  4. Seeing the sunshine finally here today did my poor gardeners soul so much good, and seeing your new beds is wonderful also. It means that somewhere out there are plants and they are growing. Ours are under snow, but that's ok, because it just means that we wait a little longer.


  5. Like you I am impatient to get started on a new gardening year. I have received my first seed order, and am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my potatoes and shalots. Outside my front door I see lots of bulbs peeping through, so it won't be long before I have Iris Reticulata to admire.
    Here's hoping that 2013 will be a less traumatic year for you and your family and that you find the time to relax and enjoy life (and gardening!) a bit more.
    P.S. just asking: do you ship your jewellery to the UK? And would you be able to do some "bespoke" work?


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