The Plant Santa Drives a Prius

I received a special visitor to my humble cottage and gardens this past week. Alison, from Bonney Lassie blog, drove down from the Seattle, Washington area to spend a few hours together and visit.

But, this visitor does not come empty handed. Nay, she brought a carload of plants!

I had no idea you could pack that many plants into such a compact car.

Here are some of the delightful close-ups:

I know, you all want a list. What did the magnificent Alison bring me? well.....

Coleus - 6
Dahlia - Kelvin Floodlight - 1
Day lily - Entrapment - 3
Centaurea Dealbata - 4
Rhododendron - Macrophyllum - 1
Comfrey - 1 (This was like gold to me!!)
Japanese Dappled Willow -1
Rose Campion - 3
Astillbe - 1
Columbine - 7
Heuchella Tiarella - 2
Hydrangea Annabella - 2
Echinacea Pupurea - 1
Dicentra Formosa - 1
Heuchera Miracle - 3
Black Mondo Grass - 4
Lady's Mantle - 7
Geranium Karmina - 8
Heuchera Snow Angel - 3
Shasta Daisy - 5
Artichoke - 1
Pink Dawn Viburnum -1
Red Twig Dogwood - 2
Agastache - Golden Jubilee - 3

And then we had lunch.

It was such a beautiful day. Alison remarked on how much farther along the trees and blooms were here in the Willamette Valley. We talked about gardens and families and books and life. I showed Alison the new beginnings of my meager gardens and my hopeful plans for them.

As Alison began her new home's gardens a mere, three years ago, she has been quite the inspiration for me as I tackle what feels like a monstrous endeavor of starting my gardens from scratch here.

Alison and Jenni
I really don't know how to say Thank you to Alison for all of the gorgeous plants or for taking the time to drive down to visit me. I do know that I will be making my way up north to see her gardens and spend some time getting to know her even better. And, I know that when I look at my gardens, as they grow and weave together, I'll be thinking of her, as they will have a part of her there too. And that is something that lasts a lifetime.

Gardeners really are the nicest people.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. What a nice post about a very sweet and generous gardener and your time together! Sounds like you had a great day!

  2. What a generous gift Alison has given you! Not only the gift of plants, but the gift of friendship. Just lovely.

  3. What a generous friend! That's what's so fun about perennials...looking at them each year, and remembering who they came from! You've got some beauties there!

  4. If ALL of that fit in a Prius, where is the BEFORE pic? :P

  5. Very sweet post. Glad you two had such a lovely time together, and what a wonderful gift of all of those lovely plants. It is nice to add things to your gardens from other gardeners as it brings them to mind every time you see the plant/s.

    Have a wonderful weekend planting all these beauties.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. The best gardens have many reminders of friends and the times spent together. What a friend you have in Alison.

  7. I always call Jane (MulchMaid) Planta Claus and she drives a Prius too! What a nice visit. :)

  8. Wow that's a lot of plants, Alison is a generous propagator!

  9. Alison needs to share with us how to pack all of that into a Prius! It's like Mary Poppins' bag

  10. What a fantastic gift - there's a friend to keep!

  11. Hi Jenni, I can't seem to return your comments on the blog...but I hope this works.

    Every time I leave a comment, I get a mail fail...LOL.

    Meeting a blogger in person, wonderful. Having that blogger be a fellow
    gardener, and generous, priceless.

  12. It was so great to get to know you better, Jenni. I'm so glad that I got to see your garden in person, and to contribute to your renovations of it. I'm working on putting a post together about my visit, lots of photos to sift through, and I want to do justice to your hard work, and your great dreams and hopes.

  13. A blogger/gardener/friend that generous needs to be treated as a Perennial! She had in her car more than I have in my whole garden I think.


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