Voyage to The Netherlands, Part 3

If you remember from my previous post, we visited my families hometown and took in the sights by bike. We stayed with my cousin, Marina, who I found to be a kindred, gardening, spirit.

Here is a post dedicated to the lovely gardens Marina has built in her back courtyard.

Most of the backyards of the homes I visited in urban area's of The Netherlands, had petite backyards. My cousin Marina, has utilized her space to create a multi-season perennial garden.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner outdoors during our stay.

Does this look cozy or what?

More colorful blooms

And the perfect touches of whimsy.

A dish for the butterflies.

Splashes of color at every corner.

And cozy nooks for taking in a morning cup of coffee.

I enjoyed every ounce of my cousin's garden and took away great inspiration.

A love for blooms must run in the family.

If you're considering a visit to The Netherlands, let me know. I've got just the place for you to start you visit.

Cheers, Jenni

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  1. What a lovely garden! It's obvious that your cousin enjoys spending time enjoying her work! I'm really enjoying this series about your trip!

  2. Your cousin has a beautiful garden. Green thumbs definitely run in your family. Love those galvanized buckets, and the little children. Somehow they look very Dutch.

  3. Gardening makes instant friends of us all.

  4. What a lovely garden, looks very natural and welcoming.

  5. For a moment sitting in my chair with a cup of tea, reading gardening blogs, I came along this blog. I was caught by 'Voyage to The Netherlands part 3' , so I started to read. It is interesting to read adventures of foreigners to our country and I saw your grandparents were Dutch. I think it is great to meet other gardeners all over the world on our blogs. I live in the countryside north of Rotterdam and am an enthousiastic gardener and nature lover and a new follower.

    1. Hello Janneke! I'll be looking forward to visiting your blog :) I'm glad you found my posts, I will enjoy hearing from you what you think of my visit to The Netherlands. I did spend a day in Rotterdam, and managed to see the Kinderdijk, but would have loved to have spend much more time admiring gardens. Cheers, Jenni

  6. Isn't it amazing what one can do with a small parcel of land? Love the photos. It looks like she has a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing.

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