Wednesday Vignette - Autumn on the Mountain

Autumn on the mountain.

The hubster took me on an autumn drive up around Mt. Hood a few weekends ago. It was exciting to be high up in elevation; to see the colors of fall take shape and drive in an on-coming rain / wind storm.

This picture I took with my iPhone was up near the top of the Lolo Pass on Mt. Hood. Clearly the power companies found this area.....well.....perfect too.

I loved the changing colors of the grass and low shrubs. Native maples along the road stood out like glowing, golden, torches.  The autumn colors juxtaposed against the angry, grey, skies were impressive.

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Cheers, Jenni


  1. Love the burnished tones of Autumn you show here.

  2. That's so evocative and moody, I love it.

  3. Beautiful shot, Jenni. I love how the power towers march on into the distance, interwoven with the winding road. And the colors...

  4. That is a great photo, Jenni! The landscape looks like it's on fire. Gorgeous!

  5. Love it, Jenni! You're right, the golden landscape against the brooding sky is stunning!


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