Wednesday Vignette - Last Blooms

The November storms are rolling in with rain and wind. The quiet season in the garden begins. The last of the cosmos blooms remains to reminds me of warmer, drier days.

However, the rains are needed as is the season of rest and quiet in the garden.

Pop on over to Anna's blog and see who else is posting today for Wednesday Vignette.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Beautiful shot. I was out looking at the last nasturtium blooms today thinking the same thing. I'm ready for the quiet season.

  2. Oh, I need to rest this winter so much. My back and shoulders are still aching, despite my concerted effort to do nothing. I'm planning to sow some Cosmos seeds next season. I haven't grown them in ages.

  3. I missed out in failing to grow Cosmos this year. A season of rest and quiet sounds wonderful to me but fall/winter is the busiest time in the garden here, although perhaps, if we're lucky, El Nino's rains will provide us some welcome time-outs.

  4. Such a beautiful shot! In my garden, it is the Fuchsias that are hanging on and braving the winds and the rain. :)

  5. The annuals seem to be the last to go. I still have snapdragons. Lovely photo.


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