Images from the Netherlands in Winter Part 1

Over the Christmas school break, my family and I traveled to The Netherlands to visit family and see more of the gorgeous countryside. Here are some of my favorite images.

Deventer, Overijssel, The Netherlands
Here is a look at where we stayed in a quaint corner of the city of Deventer. I loved walking around, over canal bridges and looking at the ducks paddle around the canals.

Bussloo, Overijssel

Nearby the town of Deventer, is a recreation area called Bussloo. It is a man made lake that is open to dog walkers in the winter. In the summer, it's the perfect place for families to go and enjoy swimming and sandy beaches. 

We walked around the lake at dawn a few times. It was quiet except for a few fellow dog walkers. A very peaceful place to just listen to the wind and the waves ripple.

Kampen, Overijssel
We visited the city of Kampen. We enjoyed a bike tour through town in the summer of 2013. 

We might have bought a cheese shop out of goods there. It was like heaven. We could not decide on which cheeses to purchase, so we came back to the US with.... a lot. I adore the cobblestone city streets in the cities and villages of The Netherlands. It's quite something to be standing in a street with bricks possibly laid, a hundred years or more ago and look up to see roof tops in shapes of ancient times.

Kampen, Overijssel
We had the opportunity to climb up a tower and look out over the city. A roof top view is quite something to behold.

Kampen, Overijssel
The orange tile rooftops were a sight.  The church steeples pierce the sky and the canals ease their way through the town to the river Ijssel.  From up top the tower, the sight was postcard perfect.

Back Deventer, in our cozy lodgings, this pretty girl was the star of the show.

Anu, the worlds best dog, delighted us with her sweet personality. I swear, if I could have tucked her into a suitcase, I would have taken her home. 

Our trip was a mixture of spending time with family and driving around the country, sight seeing. Next post...more of the sight seeing.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Wonderful vistas, Jenni! Just flew back from Sweden yesterday, so I completely sympathise with your sentiments. I Can't even tell you how many streets, skies, and lakes I have photographed in the last few weeks. It's going to take a while to adjust back to the relative boxy ugliness of American urbanity.

  2. Oozing Old World charm, plus Anu as good will ambassador...what a wonderful vacation.


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