Fairies, Foliage and Furr

With a blog post title like that...how could I not deliver..but necessarily in that order. Foliage first.

Rodgersia podophylla 'Rotlaub
Above is a little vignette of Rodgersia podophylla 'Rotlaub', mixed with dicentra spectabilis, aquilega and heucherella 'Sweet Tea'. A pretty combination. (yea yea...I know dicentra has some new name but I like dicentra.)

Acer palmatum 'Mikazuki'
Japanese maples have the most wonderful array of foliage in the spring. Above is Acer palmatum 'Mikazuki', with new foliage. Can you believe that color? It also has a brilliant autumn display. That's a keeper.

Here is a look at the new foliage from Acer circinatum 'Sunglow'. The leaves are like fans unfolding.

Aquilega vularis 'Icy Blue'
These dainty blooms look like fairies dancing in my shade garden. The delicate white blooms are on sturdy, tall stocks with bright, chartreuse foliage. The blooms slowly turn a slight, light blue..just the tint of it. Hence the name...Icy Blue.

Geum 'Totally Tangerine'
Bee's Jubliee Clematis
While it's only late April, it feels like late May. We had a heat wave with temps recorded in the 90's. It pushed the plants a bit and now it feels like the the time between seasons is upon us. My Spanish bluebells are blooming out and now there is a need to cut them back. It's time to prepare for the summer garden.

All the while, I have fine company in the garden. My furry friends are always near when I'm planting or weeding. Here's a picture of my dear boy 'Silver Cat'.

And of course, Demon Cat.



  1. Your photography is so beautiful! I love that maple, too. What stunning colors. :o) I just added rodgersia 'Bronze Peacock' to my garden and have high hopes. How much water does yours tolerate?

  2. We are having a cold wave and your flowers are much much further on than ours.

  3. Beautiful flowers, and lovely cats! I have one in particular that always hangs out with me when I'm in the garden. Demon cat reminds me of our Peanut. She's a lovely cat, but sometimes her personality is a bit like a demon! She has one particular cat (her daughter) that she hates, and she stares her down and then chases her whenever she gets a chance. :(

  4. Yummy foliage combo in that first photo. Everything else looks pretty spectaculat too. With helpers like that, how can you go wrong?

  5. I have to keep reminding myself it's only April, everything is blooming , I can't keep up. I spent the day pulling things to make room for the next lot of bloomers !

  6. Great foliage footage. I actually have a Japanese Maple. I put it in the heated garage for the winter. It got to be outside for a few days, but is now in the house due to freezing temps. Happy gardening.

  7. I prefer the name Dicentra too. You have some great blooms, and I loved seeing the pics of your furry helpers.

  8. Such an unusual and beautiful April! Your garden is amazing and your garden assistants are, as always, adorable!

  9. Fantastic photos!!! I especially love the combo in the first one.


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