July 2017 - Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Ah, it's July and summer has arrived. 

It's time for stretching out and reading a good novel, bbq's, camping trips and (as much as possible) a different pace to everyday life. 

In the garden, I find myself snaping pictures in the early mornings. The soft light is sweet on the blooms. Above, a pretty vignette of coneflowers and hyssop in a container with daylilies and veronica in the background. 

Phlox in the foreground, Acanthus spinosus in the background
I'm trying less and less to fight my soil type. I'll plant pretty things like coneflowers in the summer months, only to lose them over the wet winter in heavy clay soil. So..I'm potting up those coneflowers in containers and hoping that will help them winter over. Summer blooming plants that have been successful have been Veronica 'First Glory', Bee Balm 'Jacob Cline', Helenium, Phlox, Daylilies, and Rudbeckia. Very classic plants..nothing fancy, but it is what is making it without much fuss.

Daylily 'Dragons Eye'
Helenium, daylilies, grasses and veronica, encirle the birdbath
And who should be lurking in the gardens but a Demon Cat....

The bee balm in it's second year. I have 4 clumps growing and the hummingbirds love it!

Asclepias tuberosa
The bumble bee's have been sleeping in my garden. I counted over 40 one night. They like the taller plants like Joe Pye weed, Beautyberry and native Asters. I might have done a little happy dance when I found all of those sweetly, sleeping, bumble bees. 

Another shot of my pretty coneflowers.

If you need me this month, here's where I'll be. Thanks to Carol @ MayDreamsGarden for hosting the monthly Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th of every month.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Just wonderful Jenni, so meany pretty blooms. Isn't July the best?

  2. Sleeping bees are so much fun to photograph. I wish I had your clay soil. I have glacial till, which is basically sandy soil with lots of rocks. Water just drains right through it, and digging holes to plant anything is a chore. That's a really pretty daylily. Good job getting a great photo of the butterflyweed, I can't seem to manage it.

  3. We have the bee balm but sadly not the humming birds.

  4. I do hate to be critical, but your your special spot is missing a glass of iced tea and a good book. Just sayin'

    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry.Blogspot.com

  5. love your photo collection today. hi from ohio with a question: does your "bear's breeches" bloom every year? i have two in different places in the back yard; one is full sun most of the day and the other gets a few hours a day. both have good drainage, though one is in a damper area. they have been in the ground 5 years, and one has bloomed in one year since i planted it, and the other has bloomed in two years (it put up four stalks this year). it makes a great background plant regardless of bloom, but i wonder whether there's a trick to encourage them both to bloom more consistently (more often than once every four years or so ... lol). internet doesn't have much info, but other people i've talked to have the same experience as i've had. thanks for any help. --suz in ohio

    1. Hi Suz, I'm not sure what the trick is. I have two plants and the only one that has bloomed was this year (been in ground for 2 years). It is getting more sun than the other plant. My soil is a pretty heavy clay and we get a lot of winter rain (a lot). So, it's survived being water logged. I think it's the part sun that is making the difference.

  6. Wouldn't think of disturbing you in your summer hangout. You make a good case for planting the old standards, especially if it leaves you time to relax and enjoy. A passel of thriving standbys beats struggling exotics any day.


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