A Visit to the Garden of the Lent's Farmer

A few weeks ago, The Lents Farmer opened his garden as part of the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (HPSO) open gardens program.

I've visited this garden before and it is gorgeous. But, this visit was special because the peonies were in bloom.  The Lents Farmer has quite a collection and it did not fail to impress.

Along with perfect peonies, I saw a garden showcasing a variety of vivid blooms. (It is also noted by the PDX Garden Bloggers that The Lents Farmer is also a tad obsessive about his emerald green grass. (Just a smidge.)) He says it's all for the dame pooch, Queen Yvee.  She rules this roost.

First up, the peonies that caught my eye...

..there were so many. Goodness, it was hard to pick a favorite. One of the things I admire about this garden is how strategically placed trellises along the fence line to use the height of pretty vines for additional interest and break up the lower groupings.

Of course there were other enticing blooms...centura, poppies, iris, and more...

I commented to the Lents Farmer on how much I like the way he layers his plantings. It creates a lush and multi-season garden that always has something interesting in bloom. Of course, I was so enamored with the blooms that I forgot to take some pictures of his multi layered plantings.

I've been a member of the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon for a few years now, but have never had the time to enjoy the Open Garden tour program. It's a great way to visit private gardens, talk to fellow plant nerds and get ideas for your own space.

The Lents Farmer's Garden was such an enjoyable visit. I ran into many Portland area Garden Bloggers, which made the visit all the more fun.

If you're a gardening geek or plant nerd in Oregon, consider joining the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon.  Benefits include exclusive events, classes and speakers as well as access to the garden tour program and the newsletter.

Plus, you'll be cool. Ok...maybe that's an overstatement.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. That Matthew is a flower floozy isn't he? I am sorry to have missed his open gardens but you've definitely captured the beauty and shared it here. And thanks for the shout out for the HPSO, the open gardens program is such a fun one.

  2. Ricki here...seems the only way to comment is as "anonymous". I get so excited each year when the open gardens booklet land in our mailbox. It's one of the best features of HPSO.

    1. Hi Ricki! I don't know what is going on with comments. Blogger is saying they no longer support OpenID, so sorry you had to take extra steps!


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