April 2019 Bloom Day!

It's been a cold and wet start to spring in Northwest Oregon. Our winter felt mild, even warm at times..then February hit and we finally got chilled. The cool weather has lingered and the start of spring feels like the springs of my childhood here in Oregon. Cool, soggy and gray. Classic Pacific NW. 

The blooms have begun to emerge and with their cheerful color, my spirit rises. The currants are blooming. Bright pinks and yellows. Below is a hybrid 'King Edward VII'

ribes sanguineum 'King Edward VII'
Compare this bloom to our native red currants..

ribes sanguineum - native plant
The hybrid is a touch brighter in color. I also find that the shape is more vase like than oversized shrub. Both attract the hummingbirds and in the end, that is what I care about. The overwintering Anna hummers love these plants. 

Also packing a pink punch, is lamprocapnos spectabilis 'Gold Heart'. I just love that pink and chartreuse color combo. 

Lamprocapnos spectabilis 'Gold Heart'
I love this perennial so much I am growing six of them. The blooms just make me so damn happy, I can't get enough.

Below, euphorbia 'wulfenii' is crazy with big, fat blooms. I found a spot that is on the dry side but south facing to keep the euphorbia happy. It was a plant baby that I got at a plant exchange with fellow Portland area garden blogger's.

The Bartlet pear is blooms. I love blooms on the fruit trees. It's quintessential spring. I choose the Bartlet variety because they are most self pollinating and in an urban garden, that is helpful.

Our five combo apple tree is also blooming. While the main stock (golden delicious) is the most productive, the other varieties also squeeze out a few fruit. Again, urban garden so space is precious. 

Close to the ground, little clumps of primula are blooming. 

Hellebores are blooming too. Some have been pumping out blooms since January. Hellebores don't like to be moved..and of course I moved mine this fall, so I haven't had quite the amount of blooms from them as I normally do. Last weekend I applied fertilizer to help the plants rebound. I hope next year they'll be happier. Below is 'Cherry Blossom' from the Winter Jewels line.

Is Spring complete without tulip blooms? I think not. These have bloomed faithfully for five seasons in my containers. 

Below, daphne odora 'zuiko' perfumes the back gardens. We had one sunny day in March and I found myself outside with a good book parked near the daphne. It was heaven.

Silver cat is not impressed with the spring garden this year. Too wet!

Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day! I hope that April showers really do bring May flowers!
Cheers, Jenni


  1. My primroses have never looked as good as yours, the slugs like them too much. It has been very rainy lately, but I'm ok with it after our dry March. Happy GBBD!


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