Becoming a Small Scale Cut Flower Farmer

I have a dream of turning my backyard into a mini-flower farm. The idea of waves of colors, smiling blooms and perfumes delighting the senses, is slowly becoming a reality.

I'm lucky. We have a small cottage home, on 1/4 acre in the burbs. There is so much space, sometimes it's a daunting picture of what to do with all of it. I've worked really hard to build a perimeter of perennial plants around our immediate backyard. It's created a private retreat and a lovely resting spot for our family. 

The rest of the yard is a bit wild and unruly. We've added eight raised beds for vegetable gardening but my family isn't in love with eating so many vegetables, so I've been transforming many of those boxes into flower boxes and that is where my idea to work towards small scale, urban, flower farming blossomed.

My first attempts growing ranunculus this spring

This spring was my first attempt at growing ranunculus. I'd heard they are tricky to grow, but my crop was beautiful. So many perfectly formed blooms. It may have been made easier by a mild winter, but I will try to grow more colors next year and dedicate more space for them.

Ranunculus bouquet

I've been experimenting with direct sown seeds as I do not have a greenhouse or grow light set up yet. I've had success with sweetpeas, bachelor buttons, cosmos, nigella, calendula, poppy, zinnia and dara amni. 

I've got so much to learn. It's exciting to have a new challenge, to experience the highs and lows of learning something new. It's giving me new purpose outside my day job and mom/wife role that has been very meaningful.

The next steps are to add more of those centerpiece blooms: Peonies, Dahlia's and Roses.  I also need a greenhouse. 

If I achieve nothing more than to provide myself with a new adventure, opportunities for photographing blooms and bouquets for my family and neighbors; I will be a contented woman.

I have not forgotten about my promise to build a wildlife friendly garden. One of the ways I am still trying to provide blooms for the pollinators is to use all of the space edging the yard with native blooms and nectar rich blooms for the pollinators. More on how I'm creating these pollinator beds later.

I'm cataloging my adventures on instagram @5th_Ave_Flower_Farm

Cheers, Jenni


  1. This is so exciting and those ranunculus are just dreamy. I wish you much fun along the way, thanks for including the Instagram account!

  2. Beautiful flowers. It is fun to have beds that are a riot of color. Last year at school I planted a cutting bed. Then I would send the students to cut bouquets and give them to people that meant something to them. It was amazing to see how happy it made the students.

    1. Bonnie, I bet your students loved it! I hope you'll be able to do it again. Flowers bring joy :)


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