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Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - September 2018

In the wee hours of Monday, September rained. I mean, real, measurable rain. The kind that leaves puddles behind. Who knew I would need to celebate such a thing...but it hasn't happened since late May?

It is normal in the Pacific Northwest to have a summer dry spell, in the past it's been from July thru September, but this year the facet in the sky closed up with a tiny exception, in April. That is a long time to go without rain for a place that is 'suppose' to be mild and damp.

I've been keeping a regular watering schedule to keep the blooms fresh. I've added some plants that are more water wise and if this past summer is any indication of the changes to come for our region, I'll continue to modify my garden with more water-wise and pollenator focused plants.

Here are some plants that were a hit during the hot and dry summer...and are still blooming into September:

Saliva 'Black and Blue' has been the best plant that I added to my front…

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