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A Misty Day in April

When the rain comes down in a soft mist; the water gathers in the pretty patterns on the emerging spring garden. A misty, soft, gray day used to be more common here in the northern Willamette valley. These days seem rare now. As I write this post, the rain is coming down in buckets. BUCKETS. It feels severe. However, I am thankful for the rain because our corner of the world has been rather dry this past winter and early spring.
Below, the rain left a beard on the epimedium below.
I have a deep love for this epimedium. The colors of the new foliage is striking. This year I did not cut back the old foliage (not sure what the right call there is?) but the upside was that the new foliage was higher up, sitting on top of the old and much more visible.

When it rains lightly, the water gathers into big, fat, droplets. My imagination runs a little wild and I imagine gemstones sitting on the foliage of my flowers.

As we've been homebound for nearly six weeks, I've been motivated to clear …

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