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A Mid-April look at the Rainy Day Garden

The weather in April has given gardeners in NW Oregon a bit of whiplash. We started off the month with record cool, overnight temps (down to 26 degrees F ) and this past week, high temps up to 85 degrees F. A very 'continental' weather pattern for the Willamette Valley, Oregon, where we normally have a strong coastal influence in spring.  What does this mean? Gusting east winds out of the Columbia Gorge - up to 40mph, National Weather Service posting 'Red Flag' warnings for extreme fire danger and no rain for nearing 3 weeks (with a hope for rain at the end of the month). It's pretty extreme for a normally, wet area of the world, in spring.  It has however, provided warm, dry, days to otherwise enjoy a backyard patio.  Here's a look at the Rainy Day Garden in mid-April. I found myself up about 7am while the neighborhood (and my household) was still asleep so I boldly ventured out in my ratty bathrobe and snapped some pics. Above, the postage stamp sized front ga

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