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A New Patio: The Big Reveal! - Part 3

We left on December 26th for a planned vacation, the crew was nearly done but not quite. When we returned on January 1st, we had a gorgeous new patio waiting for us. The Winterbloom crew left our property neat and tidy and also applied a 'sealer' to the paver stones. Here is the view from the front of the house looking through our breezeway to the back. New pavers are light colored and matched up nicely to the previous project we had done six years ago. I could hardly believe my eyes; 700 square feet of new stone pavers laid smooth and even.    Notice the curves at the back of the patio, it's almost like a 'heart shape'. Above, the view to the left and below, the view to the right. The picture below is also where we will put our new fire pit with an covered gazebo. Next, looking from the back left side towards the garage. Below, there is a half circle shaped flower bed that the rain-chain drains into. We added some colorful rocks that we've collected on our ma

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