Cleaning the Strawberry Patch err Terrace?

Patch would invoke a cute, tidy, tucked away plot of ground dedicated to these fruitful wonders. Instead I have a rocky terrace that has been home to my strawberries for the past 3 years. I began with 8 plants and these wildly stretching fellows have overrun the rest of the terrace.

At first glance today's task looked a little daunting (like a rat's nest to be exact).

But, I was determined and knew it needed to be done as I was a bit late to the job already. Clipping, weeding and turning over dirt, I accomplished my goal.

I also ended up with 30+ new strawberry starts and felt guilty about just tossing them. So, I planted as many as I could to expand the strawberry 'terrace'.

Then I cleaned out some old pots and planted the rest. Maybe I can purchase some nice patio planters and give them to Mother In Law's for Mother's Day? Or maybe I'll be greedy and keep them.Happy Gardening ~Jenni


  1. Hello Jenni, thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself so that I might find you. ;) Always fun to meet another ORegonian. Please don't remind me... lol, but I have the strawberry plants yet to do. This weekend was so beautiful and was devoted to more trimming and raking. Hope you had some time to relax. Diana

  2. That is a big job, I just worked on mine a couple of weeks ago. They do make a good ground cover as well as those juicy berries. Hope you're having the same beautiful weather we've had today.


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