First Female Hummingbird

Two male Rufus hummingbirds wintered over with us this year and yesterday, I saw our first female. A pretty little gal, who is having to fight off the attentions of two suitors. She is quite at home in the lilacs and quince, busy mingling with the flock of sparrows.

Living along the Columbia River brings us an interesting variety of birds. It is delightful to have Bald Eagles fly over head and watch them fish in the river beyond. Last week a Peregrine Falcon sat on a nearby fencepost in the front yard.

Many of the woodland birds are safe and happily tucked away just a block away in a forested area. At times they wander down, but not often. Just the flock of sparrows..primarily ;)


  1. I get so excited to see the birds around the feeders on my back porch. They are very entertaining. But the Blue Jays are very bossy. Anyway, they all get fed well. The hummingbirds amazed me that they were around even on the coldest, snowiest days, they must love Oregon too :) T.

  2. Wonderful to have the lady-birds back! That means the dramatic courtship flight displays will start up - that is always very impressive to see and hear. I have two little dogs so I do worry about the eagles but I always love to see them, very very impressive! I just saw my first turkey vulture of the season the other day - now I know spring is here. Those guys don't "do" cold weather! Cheers, Bonnie

  3. I was just thinking I hadn't seen any Rufous hummingbirds yet, so they must be on their way back. They are my favorite birds to watch, but I'd love to see Peregrine Falcons around as well. We occasionally see an Eagle fly overhead.

  4. It must be wonderful to have Bald eagles around. They are being reintroduced into Ohio and there are a few near the lakes now. I would love to get some pictures of them. I have not spotted any hummingbirds here as yet but i have the feeders out just in case some come into the yard.


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