Spring is here!

A few weeks ago, the hubby and I built a new raised bed along our back fence and planted raspberry bare-root plants.

We recycled old building materials we had around the house from the previous owners (the things we find in the attic of the garage is amazing!) We used our own compost to blend with the already fertile soil. I dug up the semi-grassy area and raked out the weeds and grass. I was happy for soft soil and a mild day :)

Eight sweet little raspberry starts are happily planted and are already showing signs of life!

In an effort to produce our own veggies and berries, the next project we undertake soon will be to build two raised veggie garden beds. Exciting times! I hope to be enjoying these new plants in 2 years :)

Cheers ~ Jenni


  1. What a wonderful location for raspberries. I love growing raspberries. First, they provide you will beautiful flowered covered bushes and then tasty fruit. When we move into our "forever home" I want to do more edible landscaping.


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