Ode to Clematis

My sweet pink clematis is blooming in all it's glory! I have no idea what variety it is as it was here when we purchased this cottage home. It was however, on it's last leg and quite strangled by some invasive vine that had tricked the elderly folks who resided here prior into thinking it was legit.

The clematis is finally recovering and blooming better than ever. The first year we moved in, I had only one bloom.
Here are some pics to celebrate the new multitude of blooms!

Happy Monday! Cheers, Jenni


  1. That is a lovely clematis. It looks really pretty growing on the arbor.

    Enjoy and have a great Monday.


  2. Jenni, your clematis looks wonderful! It seems we may have lost an older one this year, perhaps from the freezing. Have a great week.

  3. Jenni that is gorgeous, I wish I could grow them :) T.

  4. Oh, it is so pretty Jenni. It just needed you to get some sunlight and air to it. I lost one of mine over the winter.Their big blooms are always so welcome when they bloom.

  5. Jenni your Clematis is gorgeous. Just my color - in fact the color of the next one I'm going to get -
    Ville de Lyon.

  6. What a pretty one, it's flowers are so big. It definitely looks very happy.

  7. I just love the bright pink colors of the flowers. How wonderful that you arrived in the nick of time to help to save this beautiful plant :-)

  8. aloha jenni,

    thats a beautiful clematis, nice colors

    come and link it to my hot meme, the linky is up on my site already!


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