Sad Seedlings - In need of Veggie Garden Advice!

Ok..I'm a newbie gardener here and well, my first attempt at early spring seed sowing has flopped. Out of the 2 types of lettuce, spinach, sweet peas and snow peas, the only ones succeeding are the snow peas.


Has it just been to cold?

Does anyone else start this early or should I have just waited until May to plant?



  1. Jenni--
    I'm finding my stuff is coming up slowly, too. I did a bunch of seeding around March 20, and then it got a little chilly again...the lettuce only has two leaves up, the peas are slowly coming up, only the shallots are looking like they want to be big and strong.

    I'm going to do some reseeding this weekend, now that it's a little more consistently warmer. I think it was that early blast of nice that fooled us all!

    Fortunately, seeds are cheap, and then if they all sprout, you have thinnings to put into salads!


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