Sights Along the lower Columbia River

As not much is happening in my yard, I took a mini trek out to take some pictures to try and capture the beauty of winter here along the lower Columbia River.

Here is an overview shot of the river and lower farmlands. Power plant towers are seen in the distance.
Next is the view a bit further down, where the river bends and heads towards Clatskanie.

Here is the Lewis and Clark bridge that connects Oregon and Washington. It is the only bridge between Portland and Astoria. I think this shot showcases the Working Town feel around here.

A little upstream are flooded wetlands, still holding water from this weeks early heavy rain and snow melt.

As I walked around I was enchanted by the sweet songs of winter birds: chickadee's, marsh wrens, and a group of bushtit's. Great blue herons, white egrets, tundra swans and a host of ducks filled the marshes and provided a calm and peaceful scene.

A beaver crossed my path not 50 feet away, just crossing the dike to the other side of the wetlands. Later, I saw a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk who sat rather kingly on his perch high in an grove of cottonwood trees.

Even in the still of winter there is a beauty and simplicity that abounds. The colors of the woodlands are muted and heathered and the sky has a pastel palette.

I remind myself to enjoy this season of quiet in my gardens as I am all to eager for spring to begin. I think it is important to honor each season and winter, here in the Pacific Northwest, really is short compared to much of the rest of the United States. The snow crocus will bloom soon, followed by daffodils, jumbo crocus and early tulips. So, I will wait, with patience and enjoy the soft quiet of winter.



  1. The fifth picture down is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Hi Jenni, love the Columbia River... such natural beauty. Great words on enjoying each season, not constantly looking for something else, rather enjoying the moment. It looks like that's what you did. ;)

  3. Jenni, you are reminding me of my lovely trip to Astoria back in April. :)

    Love the photos. Yep, there is still a lot of beautiful out there and the bulbs are trying to push thru and the catkins are out :)

    Of course the moss is too :)

    Have a lovely week, T. :)

  4. It's so beautiful there. I remember those areas from our drives into Oregon.
    Garden blogs are a good way to remind myself of just how short our winter is compared to places that will be covered in snow for months. It will be very soon and we'll be seeing lots of early spring bloomers.

  5. You're so right, Jenni. We do need to honor each minute, day, season for what it is. I don't normally jump the gun but this year I seem to be all giddy for spring already. Thanks for the reminder that late January has beauty of its own. Fabulous shots!

  6. Jenni, thank you for this post! I love the Columbia River! It is beautiful! And all that wildlife! I haven't seen beavers since we left our place in Missouri where we watched them almost daily. I appreciate SO much what you said about winter. I never rush time and try to see a beauty in every season. Plants needs some rest, soil need some rest, and we need some rest from gardening. Stay warm and thank you for commenting on my blog!

  7. Hi Jenni, I'm a little late but like to think I get there eventually! ;-)
    Great pictures. I took a friend over your way once and from about a half mile away she spotted the bridge and just panicked. I roared and said just close your eyes and you'll be fine. It was just to funny. I didn't think Becky was afraid of anything!


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