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After reading a few bloggers comment about their frustration with blogger since the lengthy shut down, I thought I would share what I've done to combat the onslaught of problems.

I switched my web browser.  I had been using Firefox 4 (and found that upgrade to be inconsistent with smoothness of use) and installed and have been using Google Chrome.

As Blogger is a Google product, I wondered if the two might 'talk' better than I'd been experiencing with Firefox and sure enough, that has been the case for me.

It's probably a conspiracy by Google to get  us to use their browser. (haha, I joke, ok...maybe only a little as I used to work in the software industry).

It hasn't solved all of the issues I'd experienced, but the speed is back and I've had less issues with word verifications.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. I use Google Chrome and had a plethora of problems with Blogger. I still can't "Follow" anyone. But by and large the problems are behind me now. I agree. Google Chrome is much better than Firefox. It must be a conspiracy. :)

  2. Hey Grace, I just started using Chrome over the weekend, so, I can't speak to anything prior. I think it's terrible really, the problems blogger is experiencing. What is this? Microsoft? lol

  3. That's very intereting, Jenni. Hope it all works out. Have a great day.

    I thought your post was going to be about blackflies.....LOL.)

  4. Hi Jenni. II'm still using Firefox 3.6 (and XP Pro) and have no problems with blogging. Thanks for the warning about 4.0 though. I'll keep resisting downloading the *new* until all the bugs are out.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog! :-D

  5. I switched as well from Firefox to Google Chrome and like it!! The only problems I've found is with Windows Live for Email - something with Chrome just don't jive... as far as problems with Following, I get them too but go into the "tools" section and clear browsing history and then I'm good to go!

  6. The recent problems were really because Blogger shit down for some technical work to be carried out so no browser was really working. At the moment I am having problems posting comments using IE8 I daren't update to IE9 as my husband did and it completely messed up his computer .

    I'm using Chrome to post blog comments but can't use it for my website which is hosted by Microsoft! Just wish browser compatibility was sorted out

  7. I haven't had any problems at all (knock on wood!) which is surprising to me since I use a Mac (which in the distant past had a terrible relationship with blogger). I use safari and if I had to switch anything I would be up a creek because I am utterly clueless about most of it ....


  8. I've had probs too, starting a few weeks before Blogger said it was going down in May. I know very little about the technical side. I started using Chrome about the time I started having probs but that might be coincidence. I had also uploaded version 9 of Explorer (I think that's the version). A friend told me to take off Explorer 9 and I did. Things are better but seem slow and I still have probs opening up some blogs and have probs making comments at times. Kelli.

  9. I'm very attached to Firefox, so am reluctant to change. I've had problems with thumbnails of blogs I follow not updating.
    I'm planning another blog, for which I'm going to use Wordpress. If that is a significantly better experience I may shift my other blogs over.

  10. Oh I am so over blogger! I Have seriously been thinking lately if there is anyway to convert my whole blog over to wordpress (plus I love their reply in comments tool too!) If only it could be done with the snap of my fingers..lol! I start looking into it and get so overwhelmed, I guess blogger your stuck with me a little longer! I'll try Chrome, I to use Firefox and have found the speed to be terrible lately. Great article, lots to consider!!

  11. I've been considering wordpress too, but the prospect of the changeover is a bit overwhelming. Keeping my fingers x'd that Google will fix the blogger bugs so that we don't leave in masses.


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