Wood Cutters Garden

Remember this? This unsightly and ill used garden space? Shameful, just shameful.

Down there, look for the ancient laundry basket or I mean, high tech firewood hauling device

On the backside of our detached garage, we have our firewood stacked.  Opposite that, a lush bed of native-ish day lilies would happily grow and bloom, for about two weeks out of the year and then nothing.

Oh so pretty, but short lived!

So, out they went this year, I dug them out. If I could burn that many calories everyday, boy would I be a skinny girl!

At any rate, this chubby gardener had a plan. A new flower bed. The husband unit built me a new box and feeling bad about being out of commission of late, he filled it up with pretty dirt for me.

Thanks Husband!

I had some plants ready to go, a Bleeding heart, a new Columbine, Dahlias, Lily of the Valley shoots and this exotic little bulb called Egret Flower. Oh, and some Sedge.

Ta Da!

Voila..the new 'Wood Cutters Garden'!
Those slugs better steer clear! Cheers, Jenni


  1. Keep an eye on that lily of the valley, it can be an aggressive spreader. It looks much better. What a good husband.

  2. Jenni, this is beautiful! Kudos to your wonderful husband for helping you. All the hard work you both did is really going to pay off.) Hope you will post pictures when everything gets bigger.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Slugs are partially to lily of the valley too

  4. lol! hey I have one of those fancy-high-tech firewood carriers adorning my backyard too =) I am so looking forward to watching your new garden bed grow! How exciting to go from what was, to now a thing of happy blooms..love it! Keep us posted =)
    Oh and thank you so much for all your comments lately, I am always so happy to see you stop by...xx

  5. What a great redux. No need to go to the gym on that day! I love the neat new area for plants. How nice of hubby to dig in and help you.

  6. It's looks great! I can't wait to see it fill in. I hope you will share pictures of the egret flower, I've never heard of that one before.
    Nothing better than new gardening space!

  7. ditto on the lily of the valley, I'm constantly ripping some out to keep them away from less vigorous shade lovers,but not ripping them all out, because they look nice. I might regret not ripping them all out...

    Great job sprucing up that nice space.

  8. The new bed looks very good. The Columbine will probably self seed so will fill your bed for free next year. Dalhlias in the UK usually have to be overwinterd in a shed or the frost kills them in Winter but might be different for you. Slugs don't bother my columbine so you might be safe there. All the best, Kelli.

  9. I 3rd the Lily of the Valley warning. My neighbor pays someone every year or two to have someone rip out the LotV which smother out her other plants. But they come back from pieces of roots. I had LotV at my old house. I may have moved because of them. LOL

    Lovely new little garden. Take lots of pics! :-D


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