Fertilizer Friday, July 1st, 2011

Not too many pretty blooms to sport this week. You'd hardly know it was the start of July as we've primarily been in the 60's with plenty O' rain.

A few of my dwarf re-blooming varieties of day lilies are blooming.

A ruffled rustic burgundy variety
A light peach variety
Stella D'oro
In a sunny spot, my Dwarf Gaillardia is blooming.  I wasn't sure if she'd bounce back after the harsh winter.

Dwarf Gaillardia
My double purple clematis is finally blooming.  It is a over a month behind.  Crazy year.

Double purple Clematis
another angle with a sleeping bee
My gold medal rose has fully bloomed.

Gold Medal Rose

The last of the red Asiatic lilies is blooming.

Asiatic Lily
Finally, I had a surprise in the yard debris bin.  One of the ditch day lilies that I had pulled out to create a new flower bed was blooming for me.  Made me feel a bit guilty.

poor fellow
The gray sky's have been abundant and the blooms have been few but we're excited to celebrate Independence Day this holiday weekend.  Join Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday and find out who else is showing off their blooms :) Cheers, Jenni


  1. Our plot neighbour gave us some gaillardia - hers died over winter and ours survived so we'll have to work out how to divide them to give her some back

  2. Some great flowers you have there Jenni. Funnily enough the one I like best is that orangey-coloured "survivor" day-lily. I just love the colour.

  3. Hi Jenni, Your lilies are lovely, especially the pink one on your sidebar. Pretty clematis too.

  4. The daylilies look great! I have several, but they are nowhere near blooming yet. That ditch lily sure was trying its best to win your heart and sympathy back.

  5. The desperate ditch lily...I've been wanting to get some of those! Better be careful what I wish for, I guess. :)

  6. The desperate ditch lily...I've been wanting to get some of those! Better be careful what I wish for, I guess. :)

  7. It's daylily season! What is the name of your clematis? I love the full bloom!

  8. All looking great! That peach daylily is a knockout. I forgot about FF today...will have more to post next week.

    Happy Fourth of July weekend, Jenni.

  9. Beautiful blooms, Jenni. I think that Clemmie flower was worth the wait. Stunning. Happy 4th!

  10. Hi Jenni, your blooms are looking so lovely and what a selection of Lilies...holly cow! Beautiful! I particularly love your Dwarf Gaillardia though, what a show stopper! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, it looks like its here to stay for a while (knock on wood!!) Cheers =)

  11. Jenni you have such beautiful lilies girl.I am crazy about that double clematis. So pretty. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Jenni, I enjoyed your garden pictures. Thanks for sharing! The rose is stunning. Lovely shades of color. So beautiful! ~~Rhonda


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