Weekend Update Around the Cottage Gardens

We are expecting 80 degrees today.  Frankly, I'm not sure if I can handle it.  Ok, I lie.  I'm SO excited! I am taking the kiddos today to let them pick out flowers for their own flower pots.  I'll share the results of today's activity this coming week.
This morning I took a stroll around the cottage gardens.  We are at least a month behind with blooming.  And I see a lot of projects in my future. But, that is for another day.

In the backyard, my salad vegetable garden is coming along. Radishes and spinach have been harvested already.    Snow peas, green onions, three types of lettuce and another sowing of radishes are coming along nicely.
Salad Garden
My strawberry terrace is also about a month behind. We do look like we will have strawberries, but I suspect  that it won't be till July.

Lot's of blooms, not sure how it will turn out
Next, to the side yard. This is a pretty shady spot and my Columbines have been stealing the show this season.  (Thank heavens something is growing!)

Aquilegia Mixes
Aquilegia Swan Burgundy and White
Heuchera something..Chocolate, I don't remember..teehee
The bright white dainty blooms on my Heuchera add nice contrast against the 'green' of the shade plants.

To the rear, in the new 'Woodcutter's garden' (it's next to my firewood pile) I've got a few plants showing off some blooms.

Bleeding Heart, new plant this year for me

Snowball Tree in all it's glory
Around the corner, we head to the front yard.  Soapwart is like a blooming tidal wave..it's fun, but the front beds are getting a little crowded.  I think my Munro pine is going to have to go at some point.  Hm.  Just saw a great post about mini conifers on Tatyana's blog might be an idea there!

Profusely blooming Soapwart
My delphiniums are slowing growing.

Delphinium, looking sad this year
Here's a shot of the front taken last weekend.

My little cottage
And around the other side of the house, along the unused driveway are my rose beds.  I was very neglectful last fall, I did not put mulch around the base of the roses and they have clearly suffered.  I lost a Texas Yellow  hybrid rose and my Chicago Peace is looking very poorly.  Not sure that my Peace hybrid is going to bounce back either.  Well, my inexpensive unnamed pink hybrid rose has provided the first bloom.

Weekend update is complete.  I'm excited to enjoy the sunshine this weekend with my kiddos.
Happy Gardening! Cheers, Jenni


  1. I cut back our dicentra yesterday as it had flowered out.

  2. everything looks good. What's so sad about your delphinium? Any delphinium that actually survives the winter and makes a flower spike is happy compare to the one in my yard which has just two little slug eaten leaves.

  3. Your garden is looking really lovely. Mine is full of weeds and the lawn is still soggy :(

    But the weather is so nice today we are just enjoying sitting around in the sun and pretending we are on vaca (He! He!)

    Thanks for your blog post about blogger it really helped.

    Have a lovely sunny weekend, cheers, T. :)

  4. Enjoy the warm weather - and the sun. Your plants look happy - they will be much more happy with some sun and warm weather, too. Have a great weekend!

  5. Your salad bed looks great! I hope ours will eventually look like that. It was beautiful here too. It was nice to actually feel hot and it lasted all day. Can't wait to see what flowers your kids chose.

  6. Jenni, your cottage garden looks great! Of course I am most interested in the veg and the strawberries (of which you do seem to have a lot!), but the ornamental plants are also very attractive. I really love having salads "on tap" so that you can pick something fresh at a moment's notice.

  7. Such a lovely array of flowers and vegetables. The entrance way to your front yard is SO welcoming.

  8. What a sweet cottage garden you have! I love it! And your salad bar looks delicious. :)

  9. Jenni Your spring garden looks wonderful to me. The weather has been something for everyone this spring. Looks like the strawberries have lots of blooms. Yummy. Makes my mouth water just thinking about strawberries. LOL! Your delphinium looks huge to me.The hail about beat mine to death last night along with knocking off the rose blooms. Have a wonderful week!!

  10. Jenni, I can't imagine why lilies-of-the-valley don't grow for you. Is it possible that your zone is too warm for them?

    If others in your zone grow them, my book says 'moisture-retentive soil' is essential and at least partial shade. But you probably know that.

    Mine are not in good soil, particularily.

  11. Your delphiniums are magnificent! As is the rest of your sweet garden. I'm focusing mainly on vegetable and salad garden and looking forward to a bounteous harvest eventually!


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