Home-Made Organic Comfrey Fertilizer

Irish Blogging Buddy Kelli Boyles posted in April about making her own organic fertilizer using nettle, and I was very keen to try this as well.  Not having nettles handy, I did a little research and found a couple of sites, the best being here at The Garden of Eaden, another blogging site I visit with regularity that discussed and demonstrated how to make organic fertilizer using comfrey, which I have.

I have been determined to grow my vegetables organically.  I want to grow healthy food for my family and I want to do it in a household budget friendly manner as we plan to scale back in another year down to one income but, I'll be damned if this year's growing season hasn't tried to get the best of me.

My zucchini's are a perfect example, planted in prime, gorgeous, acidic-ally balanced garden dirt, they have struggled and struggled through this wet, damp, cool growing season.

Early July Zucchini
When the organic fertilizer was ready this past weekend, I started what I hope to be weekly or bi-weekly treatments to my flowering vegetable plants.  I have been hopeful that the nitrogen, and potassium rich comfrey would perk up these sagging plants.  Believe it or not, it did. (granted we had some rare sunshine for 3 days in a row as well..but ssssh! don't talk about the sun too much for fear it will not come back!)

Late July Zucchini
I took the above pic this morning, this is how much the plant burst to life after one fertilizer treatment.  It's seriously tripled in size.

Take a peek at the blogger's sites where I got my inspiration and how too directions.  I simply plucked several leaves from this random comfrey plant growing in our yard.  Put them in an old bucket that has a lid (the fertilizer is stinky) and added water.  I filled my bucked up about a quarter full.  I crushed the leaves and put the lid on and let it sit for about three weeks.  Then, I used a large plastic cup to dump some of the fertilizer in my water-can and filled it up.  My measurements are not exact.  I have attempted to water down the fertilizer significantly as to not cause root damage to the plants.

I do need to think about a straining method for my next batch as the leaves do clog up the holes in the watering can.

So, Thanks Kelli for the inspiration and Thanks to the Garden of Eaden for the fantastic post on how to do it! Now, let's see if summer won't decide to visit us here in the Pacific Northwest to get our plants really hopping!  Cheers, Jenni


  1. If you go to thie page of my website and scroll down you will see a photo of our set-up using the same method as you did to create comfrey fertiliser. We had a hole in our bucket that dripped into a large coffee jar so only liquid came out.

  2. Hey Jenni, I was so excited to see the sun for a few days just like your Zuchini plants, LOL :)

    We have tons of nettles at our local park along the Tualatin, I was surprised to see them there, I do not remember there being so many last year but again maybe the rain??

    Our toms are the same, green but I bet we will have some really scorching weather in August to ripen them :)

    Hope your day is going well, T. :)

  3. Thanks Sue! I will be sure to drop by and take a look :) Sounds like the next step to my evolution of refining my system.

  4. Thanks for the great directions and the useful links, I have to try this.

  5. This is great. I'm glad to see it is working. I have a variegated comfrey that I recently cut back. I tossed the clippings into the yard debris can, dang it. I should have saved some. I hope you'll keep us posted on how it works over the long haul.

  6. Your veggie garden looks fantastic. I only have one tiny zucc forming so far and beans that need the macro lens and carrots that aren't ready to harvest yet.

    And you DON'T have nettles--lucky dog. I have a woods full of them and they sting like heck. I'd love nothing more than to chop them up into some super-potent fertilizer, especially after seeing what it did for your zucc.

    I replied to your question about garlic on my last post. Just wanted to let you know in case you didn't click the option to get email of my reply.

  7. Your zucchini plants look amazing! Mine is very puny. I think it's just been too cool. Maybe August will heat up - I know they can catch up in no time if given a chance!

  8. Hi Jenni, glad the comfry fertisilser is working. I'm gonna mix up some confry tea this week, might do nettle and confry together. My zuchini platns have been slow to grow too this year, especially the yellow varieity I planted. I've 1 plant out of about 6 doing quite well. I'm also finding the flowers at the end start to rot and then start rotting the whole zuchini (never had that in the past). Hope you've lots of zuchini/courgette soon! Kelli

  9. Very interesting...I may have to try this! thanks!


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