Slacker Vegetable Garden

What an oddity while the rest of the US bakes, the Pacific NW is rain logged.  My vegetable garden is not what I had hoped it would be :(
Mid-July 2011
We had a good crop of sugar snap snow peas and the lettuce has been successful this year. However the summer veggies are suffering from a lack of warmth and squishy, soggy weather conditions.

Romaine and Salad Bowl Lettuce
I see green tomatoes growing but man is it slow growing!
Beef Steak Tomato
Sweet 100 Cherry tomato
Butternut Squash and Zucchini are sad this year.  Who would have thought there could ever be a summer where zucchini would not grow?

baby zucchini
sad squash
Howden Pumpkin
I see a small crop of bush beans coming along.  Granted..small crop.  Going to try runners next year.

Blue Lake Bush Beans
I am keeping my fingers crossed I will have a bumper crop of potatoes though!

California White Potatoes
And lastly I hope to harvest a few carrots. Again, not many yet, it's been a sad growing season.

Baby finger carrots
So, that's my report.  There is not much good news to report although we have very much enjoyed our great season of strawberries! Someday, I hope to have a little more success in my vegetable garden..ya know..just a little boost to my gardening self esteem would be nice :)  Cheers, Jenni


  1. My veggie garden is very similar, I've had loads of sugar snaps and snow peas, and lettuce, but the tomatoes are not setting much fruit. I have had two good size zucchini though. Ah well, maybe next year!

  2. Sad Regards to your sad vegetables from my sad vegetables! As for me, it's not just rain, it's cold - this is what bothers me! I am wearing sweaters!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, we are rain-soaked as well. Our July (Summer???) has been a total wash-out. My tomatoes are like yours, growing very slowly for lack of sunlight, and the cucumbers - well, the less said the better. The lettuces like the cooler, wetter conditions though, so "every cloud has a silver lining" I suppose.

  4. Suppose on the plus side, its fun trying and its all a learning curve! Hopefully the weather will warm up and the veg will catch up, still time. P.S. I like you veg plot diary page. Kelli

  5. We've had similar wet weather here (unusually torrential, even for Scotland) so the slugs and snails have been out night AND day munching on my peas and other veggies even tough they are barely growing without much summer sun. I'm looking enviously at your potential carrots are thinner than pencils, but at least we can laugh about it.

  6. We have the opposite - too dry and fluctuating temperatures! We seem to be in a bit of England that most of the rain misses!

  7. I'm sorry your veggie garden is doing poorly because of your cool wet conditions. Hopefully next year will be better. I hope you will be able to collect some harvest before fall comes.


  8. We can plan, dream and scheme all we want. We can choose the seeds and plants with the utmost care. We can baby and talk to the plants to our heart's content....but Mother Nature gets to choose the weather!

    Here's hoping for perfect veggie growing weather for August!

  9. My garden looks like yours...though your tomatoes seem to be farther along than mine, and your carrots, too. So disappointing. I live for tomatoes in the summer! Maybe my hoop house will extend the growing season into fall. I hope, I hope!

  10. Jenni, your lettuce and peas look great!! This year has been a particularly hard one on the veg. I am so over the gloomy skies, time for some sunshine for the sake of our tomatoes and our sanity!!
    Also, I tried to like you on FB from my Polka Dot Galoshes page and it could not find you, do I need an invite to like? I know I am following as just little old me, but PDG wanted to like you too so I could add you to my like list on my PDG page (ah hope that made sense?)...Cheers Julia

  11. So sorry for your sad veggie garden. Last year few people here in Spokane got any tomatoes because it was such a cool growing season. I did well because my plant was growing on the south side of a white vinyl fence, which caught and bounced back extra heat and light and hurried the plant along.

  12. You're in good company, Jen. It's just one of those years. From a person who HATES hot weather, I've got to say that I prefer NO Veggies to a bumper year in a heatwave, if that makes sense. :)

  13. What are you talking about? Your tomatoes look great! You got peas? I am just starting to get peas. I will send you pumpkins, if mine stop growing and start producing pumpkins. I'll wish some sun your way. Thanks for sharing.


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