Last Days of Summer

Time has flown by this summer and this year I am not ungrateful for quickness in which it has passed. When you have a loved one in poor health, you want time to speed them on to recovery.

My husband spent 35 days in the hospital this summer, he's been home for four days now.  The children and I are grateful to have him home again and we all have high hopes to see him recover.  Time will tell.

In the meantime, the summer gardens are waning. Dahlia's, rudbeckia and petunia's in pots are sporting some color as I ready myself to embrace fall and send my eldest off to kindergarten.

The cone flowers have finished, but I leave them for the butterflies and bee's to rest upon.

Sedum is thriving, it has proven to be a good choice this year as with many trips back and forth to Portland, I have not been the most consistent with watering.

Puma, my faithful garden companion, enjoys our daily walks among the flowers and vegetables.  The delphinium has shown me some kindness and sent up a last plume of purple color.

A heat spell is looming here for the remainder of the week, forest fires in the Cascade mountain range coupled with an ill timed east wind will bring significant smoke and air quality issues in the next few days to the greater Portland metro area.  A little rain in the Pacific Northwest wouldn't hurt about now.

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Cheers, Jenni


  1. Glad you husband is home and hopefully on the mend. We are in for a spell of miserable cold windy weather here and we are even having a spell of rain!

  2. Happy to hear that your husband is back home. May he have a speedy recovery.

    It looks like you've got quite a few blooms in your gardens in spite of your not caring for them as you usually do. I'm sure they are a joy to see as you stroll along.

    Hope you get some cooler temps and rain soon.


  3. Best wishes for your husband's recovery. I have been pretty much out of blogging contact so haven't caught up with your news.

  4. I am thankful that your husband is home. I know the stress of worrying about someone you love. I'm sure it was scary for the little ones. I absolutly love the grass and sedum! Such an excellent idea. I so love black eyed susans and coneflowers. Things look great. I hope you and your family get to slow down and enjoy your time together.

  5. I'm so glad hubby is home now. I'm praying that he feels better and your family is back to normal. Congrats to the little kindergartener. Your blooms look great, despite your being away so much. I'm hoping that the east wind doesn't last very long. I hate that smoke. Not crazy about the heat either. :)

  6. Things are still hanging on for you. Love your comment about the delphinium sending a last flower for you.

    All the very best wishes for your husband.


  7. I can relate to your husband' situation.I spent the whole month in the hospital last August. And once again, I've been in the hospital since4 August 1 with at lesast a couple weeks at least according to the doctors. Perils of a quadriplegic. Hard to garden with these kind of pressure so I'm looking forward until Spring, right now.


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