Freezing My Buns Off

As some of you have figured out, I'm on an adventure to lead my family into a more eco-friendly and frugal lifestyle now that I've turned into a SAHM.  One of the things we have decided to do is to turn our thermostat down this winter.

Am I crazy?

We'll see. Especially if my fingers and toes turn blue!

A reduction of a few degree's can make an significant impact on my families heating bill this winter.  Also, the less energy we consume, the smaller our footprint will become.  Ultimately, living on less money and learning to live in a more sustainable manner, which includes a reduction in energy usage, is the end goal for my family.

Want to learn more and see how many other bloggers are taking the challenge? Head over to the Crunchy Chicken's blog and learn how to participate in the 'Freeze Yer Buns Challenge' and read about the many reason's why folks are undertaking this wintertime challenge.

This winter we will set our thermostat for 65 during the day and 60 at night.  In the past, we have had our temps set for 68 (more like 70) and 63 at night.

On the few chilly day's we've had so far this fall, what I do to stay warmer is, move around.  Cleaning, cooking, baking. I layer up, especially in the morning and in the evenings my trusty warm blanket is always right next to my recliner.

I would like to note that I do have arthritis in my left hand so undertaking this challenge won't be without difficulty.  But, hey, if they can live like this normally in Europe...what's our problem?

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Yes, that's our winter. On with the layers! We turn our heating off at night, tho. No self-respecting Scot would keep heating running while they're warm in bed - think of the money being wasted!! Do you not find it gets too hot at night with the heating on? Perhaps we're particularly attuned to cold - we keep our bedroom window open at night all year round, and my husband and I both grew up in big old houses with no central heating. The frost made beautiful patterns on the inside of the bedroom windows in the morning!

  2. Ah put us to shame! I think that in the US, we've taken for granted the thermostat and now abuse it. Admittedly, my hubby used to enjoy a cooler bedroom than me, so it was I that moved up the thermostat. I'll mend my ways now :)

  3. I don't know what I would do if it was as cold here in my part of the world. But I have just the opposite challenge: each summer it gets uncomfortably hot. And almost everyone I know, who can afford air conditioning, is cooling his/her home. No one can quite understand why our home is still not air conditioned, though we can certainly afford it. When I tell them, that I can live with the heat, by making a few adjustments, just as ALL of us did when we were young and air conditioning was virtually unheard of, they don't quite get it. Different continents, different weather challenges.

  4. My problem is it is cold an humid. Humid seems to make the cold worse for me. We keep our thermostat down and just last night turned the heat on for the first time. We also turn our heat off at night, it's not healthy to have it on while one is sleeping. As a child my room was heated with a wood stove -
    I wish we had an alternative way of heating our home now.

  5. Heating costs have risen astronomically here and are set to go up even more. We had our Energy secretary condescending telling everyone how they could reduce fuel costs - the assumption being that everyone burns extra fuel just for fun!

    We have our thermostat set about the same as you 19C - 66F during the day and 15C 59F at night. At night it only comes on if it gets really really cold!

  6. I rarely have the heating on in our home until my Hubby comes home from work at 7;30 or so and only set at 68 for a few hours in the really cold days and right now we are not using heat or air conditioning which is great. We NEVER have the heat or air on at night, I guess that is my European upbringing.

    Your garden looks so lovely :)

    That is so exciting that you are going to be living here in town soon, just don't come by and see my messy garden right now (He! He!)The poor thing has been terribly neglected this year :(

    Take care, T. :)

  7. We keep it pretty low during the day. Sometimes I have to put on three pair of socks! But at night, we almost turn it completely off. Then I don't mind. I keep cozy (except for my nose!) under many layers of blankets and comforters. Heavy, but oh, so nice! Of course, I don't live where it gets cold, cold, cold, so we can do this!

  8. Our older house gets pretty drafty during the winter, it doesn't seem to matter how high the heat is. We definitely keep it cool trying to keep our heat bill low. I've got blankets on couches to curl up in. The thing that bugs me the most is when someone (my mom or MIL) complain about how cold our house is and how they need to wear a coat when they are here. I guess my mom doesn't remember how cold they kept our house when we were growing up :)

  9. I'll have to check out the blog you mentioned. I keep the heat off at night. Other times I usually only heat two rooms in the house, burrr! I'm wearing 3 layers right now and drinking tea to keep hands warm in between typing on computer - is that extreme!? or a good thing!?

  10. May I speak frankly for a minute? of the benefits of going through menopause is that I'm ALWAYS hot. It used to be that I was always cold until about two years ago. So, for all you young, cold-blooded people out there, just wait. It gets easier. :)

  11. May I speak frankly for a minute? of the benefits of going through menopause is that I'm ALWAYS hot. It used to be that I was always cold until about two years ago. So, for all you young, cold-blooded people out there, just wait. It gets easier. :)

  12. Grace, you are cracking me up! I love it!

  13. @ Catherine, I've been worried a bit about what visitors will have to say about our cool home this winter. I guess I should pre-warn them to layer up and bring their slippers!! Our house is drafty too..built in 1924.

  14. OH funny, that's how we live here all the time. Ground floor condo's are cold, especially when they are on a cement slab overtop of the garage.

    Apparently and misguidedly my husband thinks that the heat doesn't need to come on till the winter, November, by then it's so damp in here....LOL.

    Good luck.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. Best of luck to you! I have done Crunchy's challenge for a few years now... I figure I save at least $300 a winter! I don't get to fanatical about it... simply 55 when gone or in bed, 65 when awake and at home, Turn the heat of in unused rooms.


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