December Giveaway!

I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving celebration (for my American friends).  I'm happy to report that my first every pumpkin pie with my own pumpkin puree was *divine*. I really had no appreciation for the difference between store bought and home-grown before. I've happily had my eye's opened and there is no going back!

It's time to do something fun and give away a pair of my earrings from my jewelry shop. I've chosen a rather, exotic, star themed pair.

December with it's long nights and brilliant star studded skies, seemed the perfect month to give away my 'Falling Star' earrings.  I hope you'll agree.

To enter, please tell me what your favorite holiday tradition is in a comment on this blog post. That's it! And if you are the lucky winner, hopefully you'll have a blog or email in which I can contact you.

I hope you'll enjoy reading each other's holiday tradition's as much as I will! Thank you for participating and let's kick off the holiday season in style!

I'll draw a winner on December 7th, 2011 and post the results.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Your jewelry is so beautiful!!! One of my favorite traditions is the day we decorate the tree and the house, I make a bunch of appetizers, mulled wine and cider. We listen to christmas music and sometimes invite friends over when we are done decorating. The first day of festivities!

  2. Oh my gosh! I almost missed this. I love your earrings. My favorite Christmas tradition is the sledding party we have after Christmas dinner. Nothing says Christmas like sending my nieces flying down a hill with my sister yelling "don't kill my children!" Ha! Gotta love family.

  3. This is a strange one. Years ago, my brother gave my hubby the movie "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" for Christmas, and we ended up watching it after we'd finished our family dinner and opening of gifts. The next year someone else showed up with a bad sci-fi movie, and now all the men in the family compete to see who can come up with the hokiest movie for everyone to watch each year!

  4. Pretty earrings. Every year, since I was a kid, in December we make sugar cookies and decorate them with icing that is made from confectioners / icing sugar and a tiny bit of water to make the paste. We crush candy etc to decorate them up. They are a great activity and delicious. Have a look at the bottom of this post:

  5. My favorite holiday tradition is having hot cocoa on Christmas Eve- it is a must! :)

    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  6. Hi Jenni, I couldn't resist popping in to enter your giveaway, so beautiful :)

    Xmas is usual one of the few times we are all tog. with everyone off at college/working. So, our traditions have changed a lot since the kids were little but we love to spend as much time tog as poss. The one lasting tradition is we all sit down on Xmas Eve and watch the movie "Christmas Vacation" together,
    we love it :) T.


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