Fall Colors at the Oregon Zoo

This past Friday, our family took a trip to the Oregon Zoo in Portland.  It was a foggy and chilly day, but that just created a backdrop for the bright, fall foliage to intensify, and it was beautiful. Many thanks to a set of grandparents for gifting us last Christmas with a zoo membership.  Boy, have we loved it!

Often in Oregon, we get a touch of vivid fall color in late October, but then the rain comes and the wind and it just goes to mush.  This year, we've been blessed with fair skies that have granted the leaves to turn even more colorful and it's been a delight.

Japanese Maple
The Oregon Zoo has placed great emphasis on creating and showcasing a diverse collection of trees and plants and offering teaching gardens and demonstrations on sustainability, pollinator gardens and building natural habitats in your own backyard.

Ginko Trees
The Oregon Zoo sits on the site of the former West Hills Golf Club in Washington Park.  This transition happened in 1951. The Oregon Zoo has a large variety of elder trees that create an intimate backdrop.

Who doesn't love cuddly Hippos?
The steam train was up and running, and we enjoyed a ride
Ah, the texture of fallen leaves
I love the quiet moments of just looking at the leaves
Not sure what this tree is...great chartreuse color though!
Another gorgeous Acer Palmatum variety
What made the day so special is the image below.

Three of my favorite people are in this picture, a little purple coat, a little black coat and a larger green coat walking together towards the African Savannah displays. The most beautiful thing about our day was being together.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. What a wonderful resource! Kudos to the grand parents for gifting you. I bet your little family loves its time together at the zoo.

  2. What a fun day. There is nothing better than an adventure with family. I guess I hadn't realized how little your little ones were. Since I don't have little kids (as a principal, mine come all grown up or so they think)I group little kids by height not age. What a great family day it must have been. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The trees are lovely! Mentioning being at a zoo coloured my vision and I though I saw a couple of gorillas in the last photo - near the bench!

  4. That's too funny Sue..looking at that pic, I can totally see what you mean :)

  5. Looks like a wonderful time. The trees are beautiful, the animals are interesting but the family--they're priceless!


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