November Giveaway!!

The day started off with a dense fog covering the land along the Columbia River this morning. The kids joined me for a quick trip to the post office and then a fall drive up the mountains behind, out of the fog.

We were delighted by beautiful fall colors and swirling leaves, gracefully making their way to the ground below. Bright gold, rich red and warm browns filled our senses and we meandered along an old timber road.

November starts off here in the Pacific Northwest with vibrant colors and on a sunny day, the skies are the brightest shade of blue.  Then, the rain inevitably comes and thoughts turn to good food and having friends and family gather for a Thanksgiving feast.

Cranberry Drop Rustic Chic Earrings by DutchTouchBeads
Which makes me think of cranberries. Oh, I love cranberries.  What better way to celebrate the month of November than with giving away a pair for my rustic chic Cranberry Drop Earrings.  They have a golden frosting on the tops and bottoms and are deeply faceted, to give great sparkle. I think they may well be one of my favorite new designs for 2011.

Come on and join the party. Leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway.  That's it! If you don't have a way to email you back (either from your own blog or profile) please leave an email address in case you are the lucky winner.  I will draw the winner on Wednesday, November 8th.

Thanks for entering and wishing everyone a Happy November :) Cheers, Jenni


  1. LOVE these earrings...would love to add them to my growing Dutch Touch jewelry collection!

  2. Just catching up on your blog as I missed a couple of posts recently. Another great pair of earrings! I enjoy mine from Oct.

  3. I love those earrings! Red is my favorite color. You are so talented.

  4. I just love your jewelry. I am so excited for my purchases to come. I had a hard time choosing the cranberry and acorn ones were also at the top of the list. You have a great eye for design.

  5. Your designs are lovely but I don't wear earrings so it would be pointless if I won the prize but I thought I'd just leave a message anyway.

  6. Sue, if you won, you could always give them as a gift :)

  7. So pretty! Perfect description of fall in the NW!

  8. Those are such pretty ones! The color is so pretty! I love the ones I got from your shop.

  9. Oh those earrings are so beautiful Jenni :)

    That reminds me I should really do a giveaway I haven't done one in forever :)

    We;ve been engulfed in fog the past few days too but was able to get out on Tuesday to take a few fall leaf photos before the rain came!

    Have a lovely Friday, cheers, T. :)


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